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’90 Day Fiance’: Ari Blocks Biniyam’s Number, Still Together?

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90 Day Fiance stars Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg have not had the easiest time. Even on the tell-all, co-star Jibri relentlessly attacked Ari, calling her jealous. Now the duo is facing even more marital issues as they live apart. Plus, there was a number-blocking situation that never bodes well for a married couple. Are they still together? Read on for more information.

Ari & Bini Part Ways After 90 Day Fiance

It was revealed at the tell-all that Bini is currently living in Las Vegas. Now, at the beginning of the season, the couple was excited to be in New Jersey together. They could finally be together as a family in America. However, Bini was ready to spread his wings and tasks the opportunities that came to him. According to Starcasm, those were located in Vegas as an MMA fighter and in the circus. Unfortunately, that type of life was completely unappealing to his wife. Ari had no desire to live in Las Vegas so she went down her own path.

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Bini, Ari

Earlier this year, she went off to Ethiopia. This is where her husband is originally from so she ended up spending an extended amount of time over there. Of course, rumors started to spread that the couple had called it quits. Initially, Ari was only planning on staying there for one week. That turned into a three-month adventure and separation. Plus, something else dramatic happened that caused a lot of tension between the couple. It was questionable making this union completely up in the air.

Getting Blocked

Ari was not going to live in Las Vegas. Yet she was not surprised that Bini was happy to live and work there. “Of course Bini is going to love Las Vegas. That’s Bini in a city: it’s bright and flashy and noisy and parties.” However, when she headed to Ethiopia, Ari did something extremely dramatic. She felt that he was not going to answer her calls. So to avoid getting upset and to prevent herself from calling him repeatedly, she blocked his number. Keep in mind that they have a child together so that was even messier.

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She openly admits that he gives her the benefit of the doubt which is something she is still learning how to do. So, where do they stand as of now? It looks like they are still together and trying to make it work. Hopefully, they can continue to work through their issues and differences. Additionally, hopefully, Ari can give up the blocking.

Do you think this 90 Day Fiance couple will make it the long haul? Let us know in the comments.

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