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‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Update: Tammy Slaton Loses Pounds & Boyfriend

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There’s a brand new 1000-Lb Sisters update to share. It appears that Tammy Slaton is single once again.

While in rehab, Tammy reportedly did manage to lose weight, but she lost a lot more than that too. She reconnected with her boyfriend Phillip Redmond, but it seems like they split up again. The TLC personality confirmed the news in a TikTok she posted this week.

So how is Tammy holding up post-breakup? Keep reading to see.

Tammy Slaton celebrates being single in a new 1000-Lb Sisters update

On the show, Phillip Redmond, also known as the “BBW King” was not at all popular with Tammy’s family. Her siblings felt that he just fetishized Tammy and didn’t care for her health or well-being. The family was relieved when they split. However, it seems like they rekindled their old flame while she was in rehab.

1000-Lb. Sisters from TLC
1000-Lb. Sisters/TLC

Fans definitely want details about the split, but it doesn’t seem like Tammy is willing to share many details. She did confirm that the decision was “personal” and that it just didn’t work out.

“S*** happens and you move on. This time I’m not going back,” the TLC star revealed on TikTok.

Tammy Slaton from TikTok
Tammy Slaton/TikTok

Before reuniting with Phillip Redmon, Tammy Slaton was also romantically linked to a man named Mikey Mooney. It’s also very unclear what happened with this relationship. Either way, it appears as if he is out of the picture too.

If 1000-Lb Sisters returns for Season 4, hopefully there will be more concrete answers about Tammy’s romantic life. However, many fans want Tammy to stay single while she works on herself. They believe she makes so much progress alone and slides backward after getting romantically involved with someone.

Is there any news about Season 4?

Fans are still desperately waiting for TLC to release a new 1000-Lb Sisters update. Tammy and Amy have both been very busy, so there would be no shortage of storylines. So what’s going on?

Tammy Slaton YouTube
Tammy Slaton/TLC

Some think that Season 4 is already filming and TLC will make an announcement soon. If Season 4 does ever come to TLC, viewers can probably expect to see Amy’s pregnancy journey as well as Tammy’s stay in rehab and surgery. It’s been widely reported that Tammy received bariatric surgery at the end of July. Insiders claim that she made significant progress in rehab and managed to qualify for the procedure.

It’s also likely that the show would dive into Tammy’s love life. Phillip Redmond seems to slip in and out of her life, so it’s possible he will make another appearance on the show too.

Interested in keeping up with the sisters? Keep checking back for the next 1000-Lb Sisters update. Hopefully, there will be news about Season 4 to share soon enough. Stay tuned!

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