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‘My Hero Academia’ Reveals Bakugo’s Discreet & Weird Habit

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Written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia is a superhero anime manga adaptation that has carved a niche for itself among fans. Powered with intricate character details and an out-of-the-ordinary storyline, this anime has also inspired several spin-offs that enjoyed a similar fan following. However, there is one character detail that fans have wondered about for quite some time.

Bakugo Katsuki Has Always Been An All Might Admirer

Bakugo Katsuki, the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia, has a defining characteristic trait. He is ever-ready to lash out verbally at anyone close by, even with the slightest amount of provocation. However, he did have another discreet habit that only a few fans seemed to have noticed. This trait didn’t seem of much importance until very recently. With the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 362, Bakugo revealed the real reason his left hand always rested inside his pockets, hidden from everyone.

My Hero Academia YouTube

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As per, Bakugo has always been an admirer of All Might. Ever since he was a child, he admired the Symbol of Peace for gaining his strength and even idolized the fact that he has never ever lost a fight. All Might’s winning streak was so important to Bakugo that he internalized this trait, making it a part of his idea of a hero. This is why even his personal hero became a huge stepping stone for Bakugo. For him, becoming the greatest hero of his time wasn’t enough. He wished to surpass All Might as well.

My Hero Academia Reveals Bakugo’s Card Was Hidden In Plain Sight

Just like most young otaku, Bakugo gained access to Pro-Hero-themed trading cards to model one after All Might. He was even excited to receive this model in his youth and showed it off to his friends. Moreover, he went as far as to declare that he would one day be like All Might. After the flashback in which this development was revealed, Bakugo’s trading card was never ever seen again. However, it was always there, just hidden out of the viewer’s sight.

My Hero Academia YouTube

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As of now, it is unclear when Bakugo developed this habit of keeping his left hand inside his pocket. However, this pose seemed so natural in the anime that it became an unchanged part of the character’s design. From his casual walks with Kirishima Eijiro to pledging to be the top-ranked at the UA Sports Festival, Bakugo’s left hand has always been inside his pockets.

Bakugo Reveals The Real Reason He Kept His Hand Hidden

However, before his death, Bakugo finally revealed the true reason. He confirmed that it was his very first All Might trading card that he used to clutch in his pocket.

My Hero Academia YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

It was also revealed that he kept the card close by to score an autograph if he ever got a chance.

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