‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Update: Where Is David Nelson In 2022?

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Whatever happened to My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 participant David Nelson? That’s a question many viewers have on their minds these days. Season 10 viewers watched David Nelson really struggle because of his size. Viewers’ hearts broke during a scene where he got stuck in a van and had trouble getting out.

But where is the TLC personality in 2022? Did he manage to make meaningful life changes and stick with Dr. Now’s program? Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace uncovered.

David Nelson had to overcome many issues to start on a better path

My 600-Lb. Life fans had the chance to meet David Nelson when the show followed his journey in Season 10. Like many other patients on the show, David sadly endured years of childhood abuse that contributed to his food addiction. He grew up in the foster care system and wasn’t always sure when he would get to eat again. As a result, he ate as much as he could whenever he had the chance. David already weighed around 250 lbs by the time he started middle school.

David Nelson from TLC
My 600-Lb. Life/TLC

As he got older, David began struggling with suicidal ideation. To cope with the negative feelings, he just ate more. Over time, David’s weight inched closer and closer to 800 lbs.

During the course of the episode, David earnestly tried to lose weight. But he hadn’t dealt with his inner demons yet, which made it difficult for him to commit to the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight. Dr. Now recommended that he undergo therapy sessions to help. When the episode ended, David was still working towards his goals.

David Nelson from TLC
My 600-Lb. Life/TLC

Losing hundreds of pounds of weight to qualify for bariatric surgery is definitely a struggle. He hadn’t received surgery yet when the episode ended, which leaves fans wondering about David’s whereabouts today.

The My 600-Lb. Life guest seems to be in a much healthier headspace

Looper reports that David Nelson maintains a healthy social media presence. He travels quite a bit and seems intent on seeing as much of the world as he can. The publication reports that David officially gave any updates about bariatric surgery. However, based on his photos alone it appears that he did manage to lose more weight.

My 600-Lb. Life viewers really hope that Where Are They Now will do a follow-up piece on David Nelson’s journey. He had many viewers rooting for him from home. It’s always amazing to see former patients that managed to completely turn their lives around.

For more updates on My 600-Lb. Life guests, check back for more. It also seems like Season 11 is going to air on TLC soon, so there will be plenty of new information to share in the upcoming weeks and months.

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