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‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Nick & Danielle Are Officially Done

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Another Love Is Blind couple is calling it quits. Just days after Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones announced they were filing for divorce, TMZ learned that Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson were following suit.

Love Is Blind fans are pretty upset to hear about both splits, especially since they’re so close together.

Love Is Blind stars Nick & Danielle always seemed so happy online

Very few fans saw either breakup coming. But there’s something really odd and surprising about the timing of the split. Just a few weeks ago, Nick and Danielle gave interviews saying they were thinking about children.

They are both very active on social media and often posted about outings they took with each other. So what motivated them to break up?

Nick Thompson & Danielle Ruhl, Access Hollywood
Nick Thompson & Danielle Ruhl/Access Hollywood

Jarrette and Iyanna issued a joint public statement about their split. However, Nick and Danielle are keeping things quiet for now. TMZ only learned that Danielle filed for divorce with Cook County in Illinois this week.

Nick and Danielle and Jarrette and Iyanna were the only Love Is Blind Season 2 couples to actually get married at the end of the season. Now that they’ve both split, no successful marriages are left from this season.

Nick Thompson & Danielle Ruhl, Danielle Ruhl Instagram Instagram
Danielle Ruhl/Instagram

Interestingly enough, both couples just celebrated their one-year anniversary this summer. It could be possible that the couples were contractually obligated to stay married for a certain amount of time.

Either way, it’s a little suspicious that both couples filed for divorce within a week of one another just weeks after their anniversary.

The couple seemed to give the marriage their all

In March, Danielle confirmed that she and Nick entered marriage counseling to work on their issues. Although they seemed like one of the more stable couples of Season 2, they too had their share of problems.

“We’re in couples counseling and we have been now, for almost the entire time since we’ve finished [the show],” Nick told PEOPLE in an interview. “We’ve put frameworks in place for communication. We’ve had to force ourselves through some conversations [about] what we actually need in that moment and [have] worked on being able to articulate that.”

“Sometimes that means walking away for a little bit or sometimes that means, ‘Let’s table it and drop it and forget about it,’ ” he continued. “There are so many different things that we’re applying to our communication [style] that has really given us a good step to move forward.”

Ultimately, it seems like there were more issues going on behind the scenes that fans didn’t know about. Danielle also called out the show’s production team for the way they portrayed her mental health issues on the show.

Are you surprised to hear about the Love Is Blind Season 2 splits? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Check back for more information on your favorite reality TV shows and more.

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