Lisa Rinna Doesn't Get The Criticism [WWHL | YouTube]

Lisa Rinna Doesn’t Get The Criticism

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Lisa Rinna doesn’t get the criticism over her behavior. She called herself an “a**hole with big lips and iconic hair.” This comes after she admitted that she’s a “mess” on Watch What Happens Live. Lisa has been trying to change her behavior all the while failing at it.

She’s just human. However, fans feel that she should be held accountable for her mistakes. They think Lisa has been on the show for too long. The reality star wondered why fans are “so mad” over her antics. Read on to learn more and see what Lisa has to say about her behavior.

Lisa Rinna Admits She's A Mess [WWHL | YouTube]
[WWHL | YouTube]

RHOBH star owned up to her social media behavior

Earlier this month, Lisa Rinna owned up to her bad social media etiquette. Fans called her out for doxxing a fellow fan. The term “doxxing” means to share a user’s personal information (i.e. full name and address) on social media.

She recently got in trouble for the comments she made about the cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai. Lisa also lashed out at fans who called her “racist” for the comments she made with co-star Garcelle Beauvais. During her latest appearance at the WWHL Clubhouse, Lisa admitted that she’s a bit of a “mess” sometimes.

This comes amid the ever-growing rumbles from fans who want her removed from the show. Critics feel she should’ve lost her diamond a long time ago. Lisa told host Andy Cohen that she knows she’s not perfect. She admitted that her online antics were wrong.

Lisa Rinna Calls Out Haters [Lisa Rinna | Instagram Stories]
[Lisa Rinna | Instagram Stories]
“I’m a freaking mess, I’m a freaking mess!” Lisa Rinna admitted. “You can call me what you want.”

“A disaster,” Andy offered his input. “A double disaster.” The 59-year-old encouraged the Bravo executive producer to call her out on it. Lisa explained that she hasn’t been making the right choices lately. She only hopes that she can change with time.

Lisa Rinna Calls Out Backlash [WWHL | YouTube]
[WWHL | YouTube]
“Andy, I’ve just been a nightmare right now, that’s all I can tell you. I’ve been a flipping nightmare,” Lisa Rinna continued. “I know it, I acknowledge it, I have tried to fix it as much as I can. I am fully aware. I’m self-aware that I’m a mess right now. I’m just a mess. So, let’s hope it gets better.”

Andy warned her that she was the one in “control.” The Bravo star claims she understands. It could be her last warning if the RHOBH cast shakeup rumors are true.

Lisa Rinna doesn’t get the backlash

Once again, Lisa Rinna got backlash for her behavior during RHOBH Season 12. She yelled at Sutton Stracke to leave her house. The reality star also had a meltdown during a charity dinner. Lisa shared that Lois’ death is the reason for the way she’s been acting lately.

This time, she took to her Instagram Stories to sound off on the backlash. The Rinna Beauty founder admits she doesn’t understand what all the hype is about. She sees herself as one of the most “iconic” cast members in the show’s history.

“What are you all so mad about anyway? I called myself an a**hole in like my second season,” Lisa Rinna wrote on Thursday, August 18. “I believed it was this — ‘I’m just an a**hole with iconic hair and big lips.'”

Lisa Rinna Addresses Backlash [Lisa Rinna | Instagram Stories]
[Lisa Rinna | Instagram Stories]
She also reminded her followers that “grieving in public” isn’t easy. Lisa admits that it hasn’t been easy. What are your thoughts on Lisa Rinna’s reaction to the backlash? Do you think she should get fired? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Lisa Rinna.

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