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Could Ethan Kang Be The First Asian ‘Bachelor’?

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It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for another Bachelor lead announcement, and Ethan Kang is a fan favorite for the role. The account executive was one of Rachel Recchia’s guys and unfortunately was eliminated in week 6. Fans took to his Instagram to support him. One said, “I adore you! I would love to see you as the next Bachelor.”

Several people had the same thoughts as they expressed their wish for him to be the lead. One fan said, “keep your head up man – plenty of fish in the sea.” Another said, “Justice for you Ethan. I was hoping for a hometown date for you. You were one of the nicest guys on the show.” Read on to see what Ethan thinks about it.

What Does Ethan Kang Think About Possibly Being The Lead

Ethan Kang would be the first Asian man to be the lead of The Bachelor and that responsibility isn’t lost on him. According to Bachelor Nation, he said that being the lead of the show is a lot of pressure, and being the first Asian would be even more. He said, “if it happens, I’ll wear it with pride and I’d do my best to represent the Asian community.”

Ethan Kang, Instagram
Ethan Kang, Instagram

Kang went on to tell the hosts of Click Bait, that Asians are shown in the media as shy quiet doctors. He wants to change the perception. One of the crazy things that happened is that Simu Liu gave him a shoutout. The first Asian Marvel hero who plays Shang Chi. He posted and said, “make this man the next Bachelor.” That was huge for Ethan. He said, “I’m a huge fan of his because he’s super progressive and a big advocate for Asian representation.” Being the lead would be a huge deal he said to have, “that first Asian love story on TV on the biggest reality love show.”

Ethan Kang Also Gained Points With Bachelor Nation

Ethan Kang also scored points with Serena Pitt who said she enjoyed hearing his opinion on Tino Franco. When Tino stormed off on the date as we reported, Ethan said he was a “baby back b***h.”

Ethan Kang, YouTube
Ethan Kang, YouTube

He talked about that moment when he talked to the hosts of the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast. Ethan said every time Tino received a rose they congratulated him. When he walked away Ethan said, “we were all thinking it was a little selfish.”

Ethan said when he made that comment he didn’t know the cameras were there. When he realized the cameras were there, he said he could see it airing and being taken the wrong way. The comment did make him think, “I should watch my language a little.” However, Kang stands by the statement.

Would you like to see Ethan Kang as the next lead on The Bachelor?

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