Lifetime’s ‘Temptation Under The Sun’ Is Tropical Thriller

Used With Lifetime's permission

Lifetime’s Love, Lies, And Seduction heats up on an exotic island in their latest thriller, Temptation Under The Sun.

Temptation Under The Sun stars Annika Foster (Sinister Stepsister, Deadly Girl’s Night Out), Mike Markoff (Legend Of Hawes, Death Squad), Scott Christopher (Just Add Love, Hidden In The Heartland), Samuel Selman (Manifest Evil, Perfect Chaos), David Carey Foster (The College Tapes, Get A Job), Laith Wallschleger (Grace Undercover, All American), Wendell Kinney (Vice Squad: New Orleans, Going Out A Champion, The Coach Joe Ellis Story), Christina Gray (Minx, The Day Before Midnight), Yonel Dorelis (Prisoner’s Daughter, New Amsterdam), and Cazimir Milostan (Bakersfield, Gangster Squad).

Paul A. Birkett (Disappearance In Yellowstone, Framed By My Husband) wrote the script, and Lane Shefter Bishop (Christmas Beneath The Stars, Mistletoe And Molly) directed this steamy thriller.

What Is Lifetime’s Temptation Under The Sun About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Detective Cassady Cruz (Foster) begins a torrid affair with a charming expat, while on vacation on an exotic island.

Travis King (Markoff) is a hottie, and Cassady is into him. Therefore, when his ex-girlfriend, Minnie, winds up dead, and he is accused of her murder, she has to use her knowledge to find the real killer.

However, when Cassady dives into exposing the real killer, she puts herself in danger. The buried secrets she uncovers get her into deeper trouble and only Travis can save her!

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

When Can You Watch Temptation Under The Sun?

The premiere of Temptation Under The Sun is on Saturday, August 20, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Don’t Miss In Love With My Partner’s Wife at 6 pm.

Last week, Lifetime premiered In Love With My Partner’s Wife. They are airing it right before Temptation Under The Sun at 6 p.m., Eastern.

Lindsay Hartley directed this thriller that stars Andrew Spach (Angels Of MercyAn Organized Killer), Jonathan Stoddard (Young And The RestlessDeceived By My Mother-In-Law), Gina Vitori (Killer StepmomDeadly Girls Night Out), Nicole Pulliam (Dying To Be A CheerleaderRay Donovan), Isabella Oliveira (Every DayStars Fell On Alabama), Corbin Timbrook (The AuthorFriendsgiving), Jacob Horn (A Different Kind Of HumorRaze), and Robert Miller in his acting debut.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Detective Paul Ford (Spach) and his partner, Frank (Stoddard), are at odds. Paul finds out Frank was abusing his wife, Eve (Vitori). Paul rescues Eve, but Frank takes revenge by pinning a murder on Paul.

Now, Paul and Eve are on the run. Is this a love that is meant to be, or will they both be hunted down by the police?

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s In Bed With A Killer

Want one more hair-raiser? At 10 p.m., Eastern, Lifetime is airing In Bed With A Killer. This movie stars Jennifer Taylor, Ryan Patrick Shanahan, and Al Sapienza.

According to the synopsis, Lena (Taylor) and her daughter move to a new town. Immediately, Lena meets Michael (Shanahan), the man of her dreams.

However, Michael is not a dreamboat. He is the opposite. He is hiding some deep dark secrets. As Lena’s new friends disappear one by one, Lena must now unravel the mystery of her missing friends before it’s too late.

Don’t miss the premiere of Temptation Under The Sun on Saturday, August 20, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

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