Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Player Questions Her New Nightmarish Avatar

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With Jeopardy! Season 39 currently being filmed with a live audience, the network is currently airing the re-runs of its old episodes. Season 38 wrapped up on July 31, and the upcoming season will premiere starting September 12. Recently, during the re-airing of an episode from last Halloween, a contestant questioned why she was transformed into a nightmarish character.

Jeopardy! Social Media Team Takes Artistic Liberties On Re-Runs

The game show’s social media team wore their creative hats during the re-airing of this episode and tried something new. After Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik were announced the permanent hosts of Jeopardy!, the show makers have been airing some hand-picked re-runs in its usual timeslot. To promote these re-runs, the team comes up with unique designs and drawn-on graphics to attract viewers.

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However, when the team decided to air the episode from last Halloween, one player from the episode couldn’t mask her shock after glancing at the weird graphics. The show’s tweet, posted on August 4, was captioned, “Tonight on Jeopardy! Original air date 10/29/2021.”

Below the caption was the original picture of each player that took part in the competition at the time. However, these pictures were edited to bring in the feeling of Halloween. While the champ Tyler Rhode got some new fangs, the newcomer Wren Romero had ghosts coming out from her image.

Emily Robinson Dubs The Jeopardy! Halloween Post An ‘Art’

However, the one that did find an issue with the picture was the one in the center. Contestant Emily Robinson, a political strategist from Brooklyn, New York, noticed that her picture was altered a bit more theatrically.

As per The Sun, Emily re-tweeted the official image & wrote, “Desperate to know who on the @Jeopardy social media team made the choice to turn me into the Phantom of the Opera.”

However, she did add a positive twist to her tweet and continued, “This is ART.”

Fans took to the comments in support of the Jeopardy! contestant. However, they did agree to the fact that Emily’s picture was reworked with some weird artistic liberties.

Fans Show Support To The Former Jeopardy! Contestant

The white mask covered almost half of her face alongside pumpkins placed in the corner, and the words, “Happy Halloween!” scribbled alongside the picture. Her picture also had a Sputnik satellite ship on the side.

Showing support, one fan said, “You still looked gorgeous and played well!”

“And why is SPUTNIK over your left shoulder? Doesn’t quite fit the Halloween motif!” questioned another.

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Answering this query, another clarified that the Double Jeopardy category in the game show was “Satellites,” so that addition was technically right.

Contestant Tyler also joked about the funny graphics and said, “Maybe because you tried to drop a chandelier on Wren Romero?”

Most Jeopardy! re-runs come with fun graphics from each category. In the past, contestants have been given Mickey Mouse ears & giant antlers to keep things fresh.

What do you think of these weird Halloween graphics by Jeopardy! team? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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