Amy Roloff Reveals Why She & Chris Marek Split Up

Amy Roloff, YouTube

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff and her husband, Chris Marek split up. On social media, Amy gave fans an explanation for this decision. Keep reading to get all of the details about why this couple went their separate ways.

Almost a year ago, on August 28, 2021, Amy and Chris got married. This was a huge deal for the LPBW couple and fans were very excited for them. The wedding was even featured on the show.

Now, just a week before celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary, the pair has split up. Fans were shocked when they noticed they weren’t together.

But why? What happened?

Amy Roloff, YouTube

Amy Roloff shares what she’s been up to lately.

Amy gave fans a peek into her life lately, revealing what she’s been doing. Chris is noticeably absent from several of her recent Instagram posts, which might surprise you.

On Instagram this week, Amy shared a handful of posts about her trip to Michigan to visit her family. While she was there, she attended a family member’s wedding and soaked up lots of quality time with her relatives. It looks like Amy really enjoyed herself.

Below, you can see a photo of Amy and her dad, Gordon Knight, enjoying happy hour together.

Amy Roloff Instagram, LPBW

However, many fans noticed that Chris was not in any of the photos. So, they commented on her posts and asked about him.

Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait too long before Amy Roloff explained why she and Chris weren’t together in any of the photos she posted.

Amy reveals why she and Chris Marek went their separate ways.

In an Instagram comment, Amy Roloff answered many fans’ questions. She wrote:

“I know many of you asked where Chris was. We both took the time to visit each of our families so he was visiting his family in Idaho. It is all a good thing. We’re thankful we each got to take the time to visit family.”

Amy Roloff, YouTube, Instagram

So, it looks like this separation was very temporary. In another Instagram post, Amy told fans that she was eager to get back home and see her hubby.

So, are you glad to hear that both Amy Roloff and Chris Marek got to see each of their families? Were you, too, wondering why Chris wasn’t with Amy and her dad? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family.

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    1. If you guys haven’t figured out or not these are soap operas the only thing they changed them to reality TV best to keep you on the hook and watching and they make more money that way don’t you know. I can’t stand the way they complain about the same damn thing over and over when you get a divorce it’s not pretty and her and her husband of many many years got a divorce and they still f*** with each other head oh well is a hole in the ground.

  1. Hi this is Faith in Florida I just want to say I’m tired of all the lies from all these shows about the voice or separation it’s just to get you to get more involved in what they doing and their lives and to make the show bigger and better same thing goes for the others okay thanks for nothing and I’m glad you maybe still together or always phony thank you you

    1. So true .. lol. Phony is the perfect word to describe Amy Roloff and really I wish she wasn’t included in the show LPBW, she has left the farm and the family so move on your NOT a ROLOFF anymore ( just cashing in on the name ). I don’t think Chris is happy and it really shows and hopefully he goes back to his bachelor days as life is far to short .. lol, no pun intended to play this charade of being happily married to that woman. Your comment was on the money Faith. CHEERS

      1. I think they were totally mismatched from the beginning. Amy is a bit controlling and with Chris being a bachelor so many years, it was quite an adjustment. I don’t think Chris was all in on the marriage in the first place. Could have been some coercion from many aspects. I love the show, I hate to see it canceled. I will miss little Jackson and Lila Rae.

        1. She has every right on the show! She’s more exciting to watch than her ex who screwed over the family, after drilling the kids about legacy. Let’s face it, w/o kids & show he wouldn’t own that farm.

        1. nasty pathetic black heart and clearly not one person cares about such a bitter jealous assessment of a person you know nothing about and I’ll bet you’re just bitter bc of what you see in mirror

      2. I think it’s a best buy he needs to leave Amy your right she isn’t a roloff any more why didn’t she take Chris’s last name if she really lived him. Get off the show Amy and let your children be in it with out you. All you do is bad mouth everybody including your children. I can see why they moved away from you. Production needs to kick her off the show the ratings have gone down and call the show the Roloff children taken over the farm.

    2. well if that’s how you guys really feel and don’t like the show or any of the shows then don’t watch him some of us like it I’m not trying to be rude just don’t understand you watch the show but then you complain about the show saying it’s all it’s only a soap opera and they keep you hanging I don’t get it I actually stop watching the show when you have nothing to worry about personally I like it

      1. I agree…these haters seem to know an awful lot for being disgusted by it. Go comment on the shows you like, as not everything is for everybody. Variety is the spice of life, so turn the channel and live/let live!

        1. Agree. I enjoy the show and think Chris and Amy are doing fine. I think they’re all navigating life as best as anyone else and doing it in the spotlight. I wish them all the best, and will continue to watch and see how their journey progresses.

          1. Everyone on the show is gettin payed big bucks for if they absolutely do not do for nothing so if their private trouble is shown on air tuff it’s what they get payed for. Matt Rolloff made the farm what it is his kids didn’t do anything but enjoy the big toys Matt built for them Amy helped too but Matt had the original idea that Amy was against most of the time don’t forget she left Matt as for his cheating I haven seen any proof of it on the show to be honest Amy annoys me she’s nosy and blames Matt for everything. I like Karen she seems to be the only one on the show with a calming level head she seems genuinely concerned for Matt’s health and well being she loves Matt and Matt returns his love for her there is mutual respect between them as for Zack pulling out of the farm because he didn’t like the price Matt asked for it what did selfish Zack think that he get it from dad for free or a much lower price than what Matt wanted Zack needs to grow up his dad did all the hard work building it up quit whining Zack your sound so ungrateful for the life you had on the farm I hope Matt and Karen have a good life no I don’t think Matt was cheating on Amy with Karen Amy can be very difficult she wants her own way even with Chris who’s a free soul I hope the entire family stops sniping at each other get over it because it is what it is but of course the producers always want drama don’t they?

        2. Hold on Tonya, what makes you think the comment sectio.n is only for positive comments??Your not a real critical thinker are you? Comment sections are for critis, for disapproval of fans in one of the actors, for discussions amongst fans on their favorites. it is to get feedback to help improve the brand

    3. I agree with you 1000%! We get enough fake news or one-sided biased news from “legitimate” sources such as CNN and FOX NEWS! It is frustrating. I am sure it is a ploy to possibly boost ratings for reality TV shows that have started to fizzle out and run past their prime.

      1. Please don’t include Fox with the fake news on CNN who was pushing the Trump Russia hoax that Hillary paid for watch Trump making a speech then watch both station see who reported it accurately as for the LPBW they are getting big paychecks for doing the show I have no sympathy for them and I still find it strange that Amy and Chris took separate vacations to visit family why couldn’t they visit Amy’s family then Chrises Amy is strong willed who wants to have things go her way with her it’s “my way or the highway” that’s what I get from her stubborn vibes where Chris is laid back calmer you can see that he’s annoyed with Amy sometimes but doesn’t say anything his face shows what he thinks I’ll bet they don’t stay married if they do Chris will be taking more motorcycle rides or visiting Matt on the farm which he seems to enjoy.

    4. I never really believed they were an actual romantic couple or just acting that way for more shows

  2. If you guys haven’t figured out or not these are soap operas the only thing they changed them to reality TV best to keep you on the hook and watching and they make more money that way don’t you know. I can’t stand the way they complain about the same damn thing over and over when you get a divorce it’s not pretty and her and her husband of many many years got a divorce and they still f*** with each other head oh well is a hole in the ground.

    1. I recently tried to watch the Roloffs again and I couldn’t stomach it. Too much petty drama when life is too short.

  3. For years every family show on TLC has ended up in divorce. I blame TLC except for LPBW and I blame Matt and Caryn for that. Every single show, including the most recent, Plathville, which is only on because the best won’t come back. I don’t blame them because TL C tears them apart. The other shows on that channel are junk or trash and I don’t watch any of them. I’m sure their ratings have dropped, and it’s their fault.

    1. FINALLY someone who sees her the way she really is not all this other fluff BS. Chris never should have married her, you can clearly see the unhappiness in his face so I hope he just starts living his true bachelor self. Good call Rene. CHEERS

  4. They all hate Matt because all he worked for that think he should give it to them Why don’t big shot Amy give them her money They never had jobs so who will pay taxes, up keep of course they want to stay there that way they will use all of Maths mowers ect. and he can baby sit the kids .I’m use Zach gets a lot from taxpayer s

    1. Hey, Matt could have taught them a better work ethic and expected more out of his kids…but, he is a perfectionist and didn’t think anyone could do anything as good as the Almighty King Matt Roloff! So he reaped what he sowed with the kids. I’m sure he also never said, let’s build you a reasonable sized house on the Northside, I’ll give you a salary and you start running the place, as my partner. Then he could be free to go to Arizona, etc. He wasn’t creating opportunities for either son to entice them to the farm and did no more for them, than strangers on the street. They had both expressed interest and instead of as your dad, let’s figure out how to make this happen, so it’s mutually beneficial. NOPE! It was, what’s the maximum, I can I make off my own blood! Matt should have gladly went with what his mom was bought out for…good enough for Amy, but not enough for greedy Matt? I’m totally anti-Matt on this….it’s a pretty sad world, when your own dad takes advantage of you and won’t help their son secure a financially sound future for himself and his family….and Karen needs to start being more honest with him and quit co-signing his family-dividing antics! She wants him to apologize, because she knows he did wrong.

  5. Why would a normal guy not bad looking ? And never been married, want marry a little person? Beyond me just like Tori she kind cute and married Zach and look at all little people kids? Why didn’t she marry normal size perso? What wrong with her parents? Agreeing to this BS do they do it for money? When show first staerted I use watch it but as time went buy it was just another night soap opera? So they could get rich? To much BS so never watch it again since first year?

    1. This is the rudest ignorance, I’ve seen in a long time! LOVE is LOVE and GOOD PEOPLE don’t base relationships on external qualities, genetic issues, disabilities, etc! You are a very narrow- minded/shallow person, who apparently has never experienced real love and based on your skewed thinking, likely never will. You have A LOT to learn about life/love, Patches (and spelling/grammar- at least you could proofread your posts, so we can read them without having to decode them first🤦‍♀️)!

  6. I could never understand how Chris, a good looking long time bachelor could find Amy attractive. As soon as they got engaged, Amy went into full blown control freak mode. everything was her way or the highway & Chris looked upset many times even w/ lots of red flags. I can’t see this marriage lasting very long, especially w/ him enjoying his friendship w/ Matt, while Amy is trying to hold her anger over it inside.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you Amy is controlling Chris is the opposite when Amy wants everything her way you can see the negative annoyed reaction on Chris’s face and yes Chris does enjoy going to the farm visiting with Matt because Matt is laid back like Chris Amy is jealous of that blooming friendship it takes two to make a marriage two to brake it I don’t buy Amy’s story she pulled out on Matt and got a hefty sum for her part of the farm Amy is a habitual complainer how long will Chris put her with her?

  7. I’ll never understand what Chris sees in her. She’s not the least bit attractive and has such a negative and controlling personality she must be hard to even be around. Those who criticize Matt seem to forget how cruel and uncaring she was to him. He provided her with a good life and and beautiful home which, by the way, she never kept looking decent. Somethings fishy.

  8. Amy did not treat her handicapped ex husband right while she was his wife. When they went mountain climbing she would go way ahead of him turn around and say come on Matt we’re up here catch up. He would ask for her help but she kept on going. To me that was wrong and cruel. Hope she talks since Matt needs to help his sons with the farm for all the work they put into it.

  9. I think most of the reality show people began in real life situations. after a while it has become an EXCELLENT PAYING JOB! And no one wants to give up a paycheck of hundreds of thousands of dollars!! How many newly married couples visit family seperately???

  10. amy is very ugly. inside and out.the marriage will not did cute Jeremy come from two ugly deformed trolls.

    1. That is the most unkind thing I have ever read. Was it really necessary to voice that particular opinion given the nature of this article? Love is love and we never know where we will find it or with whoever we find it with. I sincerely hope that given your classless comments that you are near perfect in appearance and personality because you will need to be.

  11. I think this is a way to change up their story line.Amy is. so rude chris doesn’t want her and caryin doesn’t want matt its money

  12. A total sham show. Take it off. Sick of all the crap that is shown. Just reality TV. Rubbish. More than enough rubbish to watch now.

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