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‘SW’ Fans: How Robyn Brown Treats Animals Explains Everything

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has often come under fire for her less-than-warm demeanor. She has been seen as a manipulator and can cry at the drop of a hat. These are traits that have helped her keep her husband Kody Brown under her thumb. Yet, up until the end of Season 16, he had three other wives to contend with. Now, fans are looking back at footage of Robyn with a variety of animals. They are claiming that the way she treats them is a true indication of who she is deep inside. As predicted, it is not pretty.

Robyn Brown, How Did She Become So Unlikable?

She seemed sweet enough when she was first introduced. Robyn was the missing piece to the Brown family after sixteen years of just being three wives and Kody. Then, something felt off and the women could feel it. It turned out that he needed another wife so he and his first wife, Meri spotted Robyn at a function. She encouraged him to go ask her to dance and they just clicked. His kids adored her and it was great because she had three younger children from a previous marriage.

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Janelle, Robyn

Unfortunately, she made some snafus from the get-go. First off, Robyn sealed her engagement to Kody with a kiss which was highly frowned upon. For Janelle and Christine, they looked at him as a married man therefore they wouldn’t dare kiss him until after. Then, there was the dress incident. The wives went with Robyn to pick out a wedding dress but little did they know that it was Kody who actually made the final decision. They all felt so betrayed and angry. Finally, when Christine was in labor with her sixth child, Truely, Kody was once again smooching Robyn.

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She was able to redeem herself by offering to be a surrogate to Meri who had struggled with fertility for years. Unfortunately, that could not disguise the favoritism Kody showed to her and her children. This was something she never put a stop to. Then, they relocated to Flagstaff in 2018, she got the biggest home, and when the pandemic hit, he was solely living with her. His other kids started to blame Robyn for the strict pandemic protocols and divided family. Yet, had she shown that she was not the best character figure in another way?

The Way You Treat Animals…

It’s bad enough that fans think that Robyn Brown did whatever she could to get Kody to herself. Now, they have started a Reddit thread after seeing old episodes of her interacting with animals. It started like this: “Robyn not liking animals tells you everything you need to know about her as a person.” Now, initially, there had been scrutiny over Kody not being fond of animals and refusing to get a puppy for his girls with Robyn. Now, it seems this is something they actually might have in common.

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In Season 4, the family apparently went to the zoo but Robyn was not a fan of the animals. This then sparked a whole thread about her persona:

  • “She doesn’t like animals because she doesn’t like cleaning and animals add to that. This is the world’s laziest woman remember? Nanny, no job, bumpers on at the bowling alley type chick”
  • “Yeah I think I remember seeing a pick of a poor turtle they had. The tank was all empty and grimy.”
  • “She said she doesn’t like them because of “germs” – I think she doesn’t like them because she’s evil.”
  • “If you don’t like pets, I already don’t trust you”
  • “Anyone who doesn’t like animals is a red flag for me personally. I can understand not wanting to own one but not liking them? No thanks.”

The general consensus is that viewers should have known in the episode that Robyn Brown was going to be an issue. Yet, she seemed like she wanted to bring the family together but it seems many were duped. Do you think people who outright dislike animals are missing a chip? Let us know and watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives September 11 on TLC.

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