Storage Wars Casey Nezhoda Teases Cleavage In Sexy Selfie

‘Storage Wars’ Casey Nezhoda Teases Cleavage In Sexy Selfie

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Storage Wars star Casey Nezhoda teased her cleavage in a sexy selfie. Some fans say that she knows exactly what she’s doing. However, she shouldn’t get all the credit since her husband Rene posts on her behalf. He loves to show off his hot white on Instagram. Check out Casey’s latest Instagram post to see why fans have trouble looking in the other direction.

Storage Wars star’s breasts spill out of her uniform

On Thursday, August 18, Casey Nezhoda’s husband posted a new photo to her Instagram feed. He made sure that fans got a good glimpse at her car selfie. She sat in her car and she smiled for the camera. She made sure all of the attention was on her beautiful face and cleavage.

Casey Nezhoda wore her signature Bargain Hunters T-shirt. Her breasts nearly spilled out of it as she snapped the photo. She adorned her look with dark pink lipstick, mascara, groomed brows, and her silver cross pendant.

Casey Nezhoda Plays Game With Fans [A&E | YouTube]
[A&E | YouTube]

Casey Nezhoda wants her fans to look behind her

Casey Nezhoda told her fans to look behind her in her Instagram caption. She wanted to show off the boxes behind her in the car. There were stacks of opened boxes behind her. One of them read, “Toys” and “Action Figures.”

Check out what I got in back #StorageWars team #BargainHuntersThrift!! #working #makingmoney 😉🤑,” Casey Nezhoda captioned the post.

Rene & Casey Nezhoda [Bargain Hunters | YouTube]
[Bargain Hunters | YouTube]
The reality star is back to work after enjoying her summer vacation. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Casey showed off her impressive abs in a pink striped bikini. She tried to get her fans to look behind her in the previous post. Most of them didn’t realize the seals behind them.

Once again, Casey was trying to get her fans to look behind her, but it failed. Casey and her husband love playing this game with her Instagram followers. Some fans caught on and say that she knows exactly what she’s doing when she posts these photos.

Casey Nezhoda's Busty Selfie [Casey Nezhoda | Instagram]
[Casey Nezhoda | Instagram]

Storage Wars fans react to Casey’s busty photo

Storage Wars fans flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on her cleavage-filled photo. Most of them admitted that they couldn’t look anywhere else. Others apologized for not averting their eyes elsewhere. It was obvious what they had their eyes on.

  • She know what she doing. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • I see what you have in [the] front. 😍😍
  • “I’m trying to but there is a couple small distractions. 😳😉🔥
    Sorry was I meant to be looking in the back. 🤦‍♂️😂😍

What are your thoughts on Casey Nezhoda’s latest Instagram post? Did you notice the boxes behind her? Are you looking forward to the new season of Storage Wars? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Casey Nezhoda.

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