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Mama June Shannon Wins BIG In Court

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Mama June Shannon was not thrilled when she had to go to court for child support. She just assumed she was signing her youngest, Honey Boo Boo over to her older child, Pumpkin. The fact that she might have to pay for the upkeep of Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson rocked her world. Now, she had returned to the courthouse, but on her own. This time, it seems she lucked out and won big. Read on to see her success story.

Mama June, Not A Fan Of The Legal System

There’s no disputing that June did the best she could with what she had. Unfortunately, she took a wrong turn somewhere and it did not end well. After Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled and she ended her long engagement to Sugar Bear, she revamped herself. She underwent dramatic plastic surgery and looked like a whole new person. This was all documented on Mama June: From Not to Hot. It also showed her going out with Geno Doak. Together, they ultimately went down a dangerous path of drugs and selling everything she had accumulated over the years.

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She lost Alana with Pumpkin taking her in and was eventually arrested. Luckily, she did not get any prison time but it came close to that. She showed up at the courthouse for Geno’s hearings and eventually broke up with him in front of one. June felt it was the safest option. Her next time in court was when Pumpkin decided to file for sole custody of Alana. She wanted to ensure she had a stable last few years of high school. June signed the papers but was not a fan of the amount they wanted her to pay in support. Eventually, it was settled but then she returned to court once again.

A BIG Win For June

Maybe the one time Mama June actually did like going to a courthouse was when she had her quickie wedding ceremony. Then, Wednesday, she appeared on Court Night Live. The reality star was suing her former friend and content creator, Adam Barta for five thousand dollars. The two worked on a YouTube channel together where they delivered pop culture news. She also claims that she gave him advice on different subjects. It was a friendship as well as a working relationship. Mama June/YouTube

Barta did not feel he owed Mama June anything as they helped one another out therefore they were square in the end. So, how did it turn out? According to People, she won after she alleged her former friend was “using my likeness and name for his financial gain.”June was asked why she never had a contract drawn up. She replied that she was at the point where she was basically managing herself. Plus, she did not think he would need or want so much time from her.

She added: “I felt like I was being used. I have a life myself, I have a TV show myself, so I can’t produce his show for free.” Barta alleged that he did send over a contract but that June didn’t sign it. Seemingly, she acted like it never existed. In the end, she was awarded the 5K and must be listed as the executive producer.

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  1. This whole mama June business is crap! Anyone who watches it must be a low ——- red neck. The whole thing exploited her children and now they are spoiled people who will turn out back country people unforunate for them. The mama June has been used by television to make money and show the stupidness of some southern back country people, can’t blame her for taking advantage of this cash opportunity. Just to prove how stupid they are. Now she is close to broke, drugs and bad relationships.I don’t know what she and family were like prior to all this. But they took advantage of this cash opportunity and blew it. The whole family will pay the price. And the network continues making $$$$$. And those who continue to watch What must your lives be like??? Never watched more than five minutes a few times. Not worth my time!

  2. She only won because she is mama June.They didn’t have a meeting of the minds because she didn’t sign the contract

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