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Isabel Roloff Cherishes Final Moments With Grandma

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Isabel Roloff penned a very emotional post on her Instagram yesterday. The post was attached to a sweet photo of herself snuggled up with her grandmother. Both Isabel and her grandmother had huge smiles on their faces as Isabel pulled her in for an embrace when the photo was snapped.

Initially, LPBW fans were concerned this post was a death tribute. Had her grandmother passed away? As fans know, the Roloff family recently suffered a loss when Matt’s father passed away. The last thing fans wanted for this family was to suffer another loss.

Fortunately, this was not a death tribute. Isabel Roloff’s grandmother was still alive and kicking. Isabel Roloff, however, did tug at the heartstrings of her followers with this emotional post. The post reminded everyone that their days left with their grandparents are numbered.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff says she’s just a girl that loves grandma

Jacob Roloff’s wife kicked off her post by admitting that she calls her grandmother at least three times every week. She, however, did not always have this relationship with her grandmother. When she was young, talking on the phone was not something she enjoyed doing. She said she had “the attention span of a puppy.”

One day, however, Isabel Roloff grew up. She realized the most important thing in life was family. Admittedly, Isabel Roloff and her grandmother have a massive generation gap. So, they don’t always have a lot to talk about. She, however, clarifies it isn’t really what she talks with her grandmother about its simply that she makes time to talk to her.

I complain about the weather, she tells me what she did that day, I tell her what I ate and so on. It’s not small talk but it’s not profound either. It’s just a girl who really loves her grandma and wants to make up for lost time.”

She concluded her post by noting she was trying to make up for lost time and soak up whatever precious moments she has left with her grandmother.

Isabel Roloff - Instagram
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

LPBW fans react

In the comments, many of her followers admit the post really tugged at their heartstrings. Some fans noted they would give anything to have one more phone conversation with their grandparents.

What do you think about Isabel Roloff’s emotional post on soaking up precious final moments with her grandmother? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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