Wendy Williams Was Out Of Touch With Cancellation News? [YouTube]

Wendy Williams ‘Out Of Touch’ With Cancellation News?

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Wendy Williams’ cognitive health faltered in the months leading up to the end of her talk show. In June 2022, The Wendy Williams Show said goodbye after 13 years on the air. The daytime host was absent amid her ongoing health issues. The show decided to move on without her as they shifted their focus on Sherri Shepherd.

At the time, it seemed like Wendy didn’t agree to the cancellation. According to a new report, she wasn’t aware that her talk show was ending. She asked the same questions and repeated her words. To this day, it’s unclear what really happened to the snappy daytime diva.

Wendy Williams' Bizarre Behavior Unexplained [YouTube]

Her health problems are unknown

Wendy Williams first took a step back from her namesake talk show in July 2021. She was positive that she would get better in the next few months. By September 30, 2021, producers had to make another announcement. She was taking an extended hiatus from her iconic purple chair.

The 58-year-old shared with fans that she struggling with complications from Graves’ disease. She also had a breakthrough case of COVID-19. Wendy also opened up about her struggles with lymphedema. However, it doesn’t explain the reason behind her bizarre behavior and slurred speech in the past year.

Wendy Williams' Cognitive Health Faltered [YouTube]
“To this day, we don’t know truly what the issue is,” Lonnie Burstein, the executive of Debmar-Mercury, the production company behind The Wendy Williams Show, shared in an explosive report with The Hollywood Reporter.

Wendy was reportedly in and out of the hospital during that time. However, she claimed that she was fine and that she would return to her talk show as soon as possible. Sadly, her mind was declining. Her staff revealed that her health started to decline four years before the show’s cancelation. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, they asked her “at least 25 times” if she was sober enough to be on the air.

Wendy Williams is out of touch?

The report also revealed that Wendy Williams was out of touch when it came to the news of the cancelation. Her prolonged absence had her staff and production crew concerned about the future of the show. They knew they had to make some decisions. The former host wasn’t getting any better.

She became out of touch with reality as she struggled with her speech. It was sometimes hard for her staff to understand her. There were moments when Wendy would ramble and repeat that she was “fine.” That’s when her staff realized she was “starting not to be coherent.”

Wendy Williams Didn't Take Cancellation News Well [YouTube]
Wendy Williams didn’t take the news of the end of her show well. There were times when she was confused and wondered why she couldn’t return to the set. They had to keep reminding her that her show was axed. Wendy ended communications with her former manager, Bernie Young.

At that point, her family wanted to step in. Fans are concerned about her new manager, William Selby, who works as a jeweler. He claims that he has plenty of money and there is nothing to be concerned about. He also allows Wendy to do whatever she wants.

What are your thoughts on the explosive THR report? Does it surprise you that Wendy Williams was on a cognitive decline? Do you miss the talk show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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