Wendy Williams' Show Cancellation Was Distressing To Crew [YouTube]

‘Wendy Williams Show’ Cancellation Was Distressing To Crew

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Wendy Williams was at her happiest when she was on her talk show. This comes as no surprise to fans who knew the secrets behind the talk show queen’s success. All her life, she wanted a show of her own. She got her start on the radio, talking about the rappers in the hip-hop scene.

Soon enough, she became the queen of hot topics. Wendy started that segment, which has been copied by many talk shows over the years. The success of her talk show was due to the dirt that she had on the celebrities. However, in the months before the show’s end, she wasn’t able to hold it down anymore.

Wendy Williams Was Happy On Her Talk Show [YouTube]

Wendy Williams needed a doctor’s note to get back on TV

In February 2022, the decision was made to cancel The Wendy Williams Show. The host was no longer her sassy and shady self. Her cognitive health took a decline as she struggled with both Graves’ Disease and Lymphedema. Wendy claimed that she was fine to get back to work.

Yet, her staff needed a doctor’s note to get her back on television. Debmar-Mercury co-presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein told The Hollywood Reporter that they got many questions about the end of her show. There were months when it was difficult to reach Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams Struggled With Health [YouTube]
She kept putting the decision to cancel. Then, she wouldn’t follow up on the call. There were also times when the pop culture icon would get confused and think that she could return to her show. However, her team needed the doctor’s say on the matter.

“We said, ‘Wendy, we need to have a diagnosis from a doctor — whether it’s the TV stations or a network or a new producer, anyone who’s going to do business with you, after you didn’t show up for a year, needs to know that you’re OK,'” Mort told THR.

The production crew felt that “no one’s going to risk money or finance things” if she wasn’t okay to be on television. Her health problems started four years before the show’s end. After she fainted on-air in 2017, it just spiraled from there. Her staff would constantly make sure that she was in sound and sober mind to be on television.

Wendy Williams Needed Doctor's Note [YouTube]

She couldn’t provide a doctor’s note

It’s unclear what happened to cause Wendy Williams to spiral out of control. She’s been making headlines for her bizarre behavior and slurred speech these days. Obviously, these are not the symptoms of her health issues. Fans wonder if Wendy is well enough to host her own podcast, which is yet to have a premiere date.

During her hiatus, Wendy Williams was unable to provide a doctor’s note. She would try to fight it and say she was good enough to work again. Lacey Rose told ET Online that she was no longer the Wendy who could walk out and greet the audience.

“This is a woman who has been off the air for an entire year. They need to know she was okay. They needed a doctor’s diagnosis and a note to say she was capable of performing on a daily basis and that was something, according to all of my sources, that she was unable or unwilling to provide.”

Wendy still hasn’t received an official diagnosis for her incoherence. There was no one on the set of The Wendy Williams Show who was happy about the cancellation news. They decided to replace her with Sherri Shepherd. It was “distressing” for the crew to see her in the condition that she is.

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