Savannah Guthrie Out At ‘The Today Show’?

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Are Savannah Guthrie’s days as a host of The Today Show numbered? Fans of the show that happen to follow Savannah on social media believe she may be dropping hints that she doesn’t plan on sticking around. Is she gearing up to quit The Today Show? What clues do viewers think they are picking up on exactly?

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb continue to feud

As anyone who has been watching news related to The Today Show knows, Savannah and her co-host Hoda Kotb have been in a heated feud for a period of time now. At 50 years old, some fans suspect Savannah might just be tired of bickering with Hoda. Is the easiest way to let go of the drama to leave the show?

Savannah Guthrie - Instagram
Savannah Guthrie – Instagram

Her Instagram activity has viewers thinking she’s done

Savannah Guthrie posted a slew of photos from The Today Show set on her Instagram earlier this week. She penned, “we (heart) you too” in response to the poster boards announcing their love for the talk show. This, however, wasn’t the only cluster of photos she posted. She posted a second cluster of photos roughly an hour before the cluster mentioned previously. According to The Sun, fans of The Today Show thought Savannah’s body language in one of the photos was very telling.

In the first photo in the older cluster, Savannah is sitting on the couch near her co-host Hoda. Viewers noticed there was a pretty substantial amount of space between the two ladies on the couch. In some of the other photos Savannah shared, she was outside with a huge smile on her face as she interacted with fans of the talk show.

Savannah Guthrie - Instagram
Savannah Guthrie – Instagram

The very last photo in the older cluster of pictures featured Savannah standing on the set by herself. She had her back to the camera. Fans of The Today Show popped into the comments noting the cluster of photos felt like the talk show host was collecting memories and finding a way to say goodbye.

One fan penned in the comments, “why are you leaving a gap between you and Hoda, clinging so close to Craig, he can’t move his arm, not looking at Hoda?”

“I assume you are leaving the show based on your recent posts,” another fan chimed in.

Some viewers want Savannah Guthrie gone

There was a substantial amount of hate in the comments for Savannah as many viewers admit they enjoy the show more when she isn’t a part of it.

One fan penned, “Today I did not watch. Because Savannah was on. I only watch when she is off air.”

Do you think Savannah Guthrie wants to leave The Today Show? Or, are viewers at home seeing things in her photos that aren’t really there? After all, it wasn’t that long ago that viewers also thought Hoda was leaving the show. Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest talk show news.


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  1. Honda should leave she talks when someone else is talking. She eats like a cow. She talks with her mouth full. And her clothes are horrible. She cuts people off. And that smile and hair have to go.

    1. I hope Savannah does leave. She talks all over her guest and is very rude to most guest. She seems to like men co-hosts much more than women. So she can flirt with them like she did Matt???????????

  2. I no longer enjoy this show it seems savanna is always shouting to get attention and nobody knows how to act around her anymore she’s thinking of going she should say goodbye ASAP

    1. I agree. Savannah is a stuffed shirt phony and her fake laughs
      Irritate me. She has to be constantly in the limelight! Hoda makes that show and Shenielle too! They should have sent Savannah on her way when Matt Lauer left! I don’t like Savannah always having to push her way in to the limelight. If Hoda ever leaves, I wont watch Today anymore!

  3. I think people are making a big fuss about nothing. I don’t think any show that is on every weekday can always be perfect. Both Savanna and Hoda have their good and bad points. Savanna is very accomplished when she is interviewing people who can be very outspoken as she can certainly get her two cents in, Hoda is very sympathetic and can say the right things when they are needed. They compliment each other. Don’t let people get under your skin you both fo a great job.

  4. Maybe Savanna has been given too much authority on the job. If she is mistreating Hoda or others this is where her BOSS should step in, and be the leader that he or she was hired to be.

  5. What I am seeing is, Savannah has become a bit of an authoritarian. I’m sure that hasn’t been easy to swallow for Hoda. I actually see no difference in Hoda’s behavior.if one must leave, it should probably be Savannah.

  6. I have watched the show for years , but if they remove Savannah from the show l for one will never WATCH it A-gene . As for Hoda she and Jena both do not belong on TV .

  7. I think Hoda has more to offer on everyday real life savanna has not got rid of her interaction attitude and is unrelatable to the average viewer it’s fake chemistry and I set my alarm every morn to 6.59 so I get to see the whole drama and read body language life is good company has their motto love what you do and do what you’s true for Hoda but savannah needs to move on to maybe gma or fox. Real people like the rest of the team have great chemistry its real shevguves new meaning to fake news sorry but if you can’t give 100 % then maybe it’s time to get back to being a lawyer where you talk over people very un becoming sorry but I like everyone else’s chemistry even Craig has improved and that’s saying alot

  8. Hoda has always talked over and interrupted Savanah when she talks every since she (Hoda) came on the show, she’s a pushy person who does her best to try and be the center of attraction, get rid of Hoda !!

  9. It ‘seems’ as though Savannah has to be the upper person. Not a complete fan of Trump, but Savannah’s interview with him, It seemed as though she was disrespectful of President Trump. Regardless, of someone’s character, there should be respect for ‘President’. Also, it looks and seems like when we are presented in a spotlight of TV, our presentation of hair should be the very best, Savannah looks as though her hair is not presentable. She needs a hair stylist.

  10. I will stop watching the Today Show if Savannah leaves. Hodah is a joke when it comes to interviews. I don’t think she is a true journalist.

  11. I got nothing against Hoda
    but I just f****** hate that Savannah Guthrie she sabotaged them Donald Trump’s chances his interview she’s a left-wing hack?

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