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‘RHOBH’ Fans Bash Kathy Hilton For Mocking Homeless Charity

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The women of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are extremely wealthy. That means each of the ladies often has charities they work with, or at least donate money to. For Dorit Kemsley, one of those charities is Homeless Not Toothless.

Last week on RHOBH, the ladies had a big party to raise money for the charity, and several of them mocked the charity’s name. Kathy Hilton has received a lot of backlash for missaying the name as Toothless Not Homeless. She then doubled down by mocking the entire idea.

Kathy Hilton mocks homeless charity name on RHOBH

On this week’s RHOBH episode, the ladies were at a party celebrating Lisa Rinna’s launching of her new business, Rinna Beauty. While they were there, they began to talk about the party from last week where they were at the charity bash for Homeless Not Toothless. That is when Kathy Hilton called it by the wrong name, saying “Toothless Not Homeless.”

Dorit corrected her, but the other RHOBH ladies just laughed at the mistake. Kathy didn’t back down, and showed no respect for the charity when she said, “I have worked with the homeless, I have worked with the toothless.” That earned more laughs from the women, except for Dorit, who has worked with the charity for a long time and takes it very seriously.

Kathy Hilton Returning To RHOBH? [Credit: YouTube]

Some fans were not really happy about the way Kathy Hilton dismissed the charity either. “Kathy Hilton called the dentist’s charity event “The Homeless and the Toothless.” I hate her,” one fan tweeted. “You was on national TV making fun of @doritkemsley1 foundation “Homeless not Toothless” Don’t say you weren’t. You clearly were making fun. SMHID,” another wrote.

However, there were also a lot of fans on Twitter who believed the comment was funny and called Kathy Hilton the “comedic gold” of RHOBH.

What is Homeless Not Toothless?

For RHOBH fans who think the name sounds like a joke, it actually makes sense when it comes to what they6 are attempting to accomplish. Homeless Not Toothless is a charity organization that provides free dental care to people who are experiencing homelessness. This includes veterans who need dental assistance. The doctors behind the organization have nearly 30 years of providing clinical dental services

The charity was started in 1992 and Dorit joined the board of the charity organization in 2021. Actress Sharon Stone is also a board member.

In 2021, RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley even went on Beat Shazam w/ Jamie Foxx with Garcelle Beauvais and competed for the Homeless Not Toothless charity. She played the game and actually won $100,000 for the organization. Watch her episode and competition below.

Anyone who wants to help donate to Homeless Not Toothless, there is more information on the company’s website.

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