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Meri Brown Gags While Sharing Her Deep Secret

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Meri Brown took to her Instagram Stories recently to share a rather strange piece of information about herself. Turns out, there is a rather normal and necessary habit that people have to do. But, Meri Brown finds it to be absolutely repulsive. She said this was something that people who know her well already know. She, however, was traveling with a friend and her friend apparently didn’t realize Meri had this rather strange quirk about her.

Meri Brown gets real and shares her secret

The Sister Wives star hopped on her Instagram Stories to share a rather strange piece of information with her Instagram followers. She appeared to be on the floor of a hotel room during the video. She had her hand over her mouth as she fought back a gag before talking. Meri explained that people who know her really well already know this, but apparently, a lot of people don’t.

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Meri Brown proceeded to explain that she finds it absolutely repulsive to watch other people brush their teeth. She clarifies that she knows it is a thing that has to happen. It is something people have to do. She, however, believes it is private business and she wants nothing to do with it.

The reason Meri was on the floor gagging and sharing this information was that her travel companion had come out of the hotel bathroom while brushing her teeth. Meri believed in being upfront with her friend, so she bluntly asked her if she’d do her a favor. Then, she followed up by telling her to go back into the bathroom to finish brushing her teeth.

Teasing Meri, her friend talked about the fact that she had drool dribbling down her face while she brushed. Meri Brown proceeded to roll and gag on the floor.

Check out a small snippet of the interaction in the hotel room down below:

She is currently living her best life

Meri Brown tells her Sister Wives fans on Instagram that she absolutely loves the life she has right now. She adds that people only have one life to live, so they should live it to the fullest with no regrets.

Are you surprised to learn that Meri Brown thinks people brushing their teeth is gross? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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