Ivan Hall Explains ‘Red Flag’ Rachel Comment After Backlash

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Fans form their opinions about what they see on The Bachelorette and the other shows in the series, and so do Ivan Hall and Demar Jackson from Tayshia Adams’s season. In a past interview, Ivan Hall called Rachel Recchia’s actions with Logan Palmer a red flag.

He was referring to her reaction to Logan deciding to go to Gabby’s group because he felt a stronger connection with her. Rachel canceled the group date and was upset with the outcome. On the Here for the Right Reasons podcast, Ivan said there are different types of red flags, some more serious than others. Continue reading to see what the former suitors said about Rachel, Tino, and lots more.

What Does Ivan Hall Think About His Comment Now

Ivan Hall said there are red flags that are jokes. Ivan got a little heat for saying Rachel was showing red flags so he clarified a bit.  He told US Weekly, “like, somebody has a weird quirk to them and that’s a red flag. Then there’s more serious red flags like physical abuse or drug abuse and all that stuff.” He said he wouldn’t use the term again to explain what he meant. Ivan said, “no, Rachel’s not a red flag. She’s wonderful. She’s learning a lot. That’s a tough situation. She’s still pretty young, too.”

Ivan Hall, Instagram
Ivan Hall, Instagram

Demar said he’d been rooting for Tino from the beginning. Tino got very upset when he didn’t get the group date rose from Rachel, as we reported other Bachelor Nation favorites had commented on. Demar said he’s questioning how hard to pull for him even though he still is. He said, “there’s something about Tino that I’m not really feeling right now.”

Ivan said he gets it because you get really invested when you’re that far along in the show. He said you are ready to be engaged and introduce the person to your family. He said, “your confidence is through the roof — every small thing is gonna get almost under your skin.”

Do They Think Nate Will Still Be The Next Bachelor?

Ivan Hall and Demar joined in on the Nate Mitchell speculation. Several fans think he’s getting the Bachelor edit on this season despite having some negative press come out recently.

Ivan thinks he has been given the best edit and says, “nobody’s perfect in their dating history.” Demar thinks it depends on how he addresses the issue at the Men Tell All. If he messes that up, then he might fall out of favor as the lead and someone else will be chosen.

What do you think about Ivan’s red flag comments? Do you see Nate as the next Bachelor? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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