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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Viewers Vow To Boycott The New Season

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Dancing With The Stars comes back for another season on September 19. However, there’s one major change that fans aren’t quite looking forward to. After 30 seasons, ABC will no longer host the show this fall. Instead, Dancing With The Stars will stream live episodes on Disney+ instead. Several fans are not at all happy about this change and they’re making their voices heard.

Dancing With The Stars fans sound off on social media

The official Dancing With The Stars Facebook page recently put out a teaser featuring some of the pro dancers. It seemed like the goal was to get fans hyped up for the new season. While many DWTS fans agreed it was nice to see promo photos featuring the dancers again, they just can’t get excited about the new season.

Dancing With The Stars from YouTube
Dancing With The Stars/YouTube

Many Dancing With The Stars fans enjoyed the show when it was free to watch on ABC. Disney+ charges a paid subscription rate, which means that many viewers are going to fall off. Although streaming platforms gained a lot of traction over the last several years, older audience members don’t always use them. Many other fans just can’t afford another streaming service.

No matter what their reasons are, many DWTS fans readily admitted they won’t be watching this season.

Dancing With The Stars from Facebook
Dancing With The Stars/Facebook

For the past several years, the DWTS team continued to make choices that just don’t go over well with fans. After they fired Tom Bergeron, it seems like the execs are struggling to keep viewers tuning in week after week.

Carrie Ann Inaba takes time to address angry comments

The Dancing With The Stars exec team is probably aware of the backlash on some level. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba even took some time to address some complaints on her own public Facebook page.

Carrie Ann Inaba from The Talk
Carrie Ann Inaba/The Talk

“Just reading all your comments yesterday. I am so grateful for the words of [encouragement] and the sharing of your own journeys. It helps others to know that we are all going through unique journeys… and we all have challenges in our lives,” Carrie Ann wrote. “I’m heartbroken to hear so many people saying they won’t be joining us on dwts this season. We’ve always been a family for so long…All of us, the dancers, the hosts, the judges, the production team, the creatives and hair and make up and stylists and lighting and set design…. And YOU. I hope you will be able to stay connected to us. I will be posting lots of content from my socials so I hope that will help you stay connected. Family is forever.”

Do you agree with other fans online? Will you tune into Dancing With The Stars this year or will you watch something else instead? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and share your ideas with others.

Stay tuned for more stories like this one and see what happens next in the DWTS universe.

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  1. I have enjoyed watching DWS since it first aired and looked forward to every new season. Watched faithfully during every season. Now unfortunately I will not be able to watch since it has moved to Disney Plus. I feel this move will affect many who will not be able to watch this year.

    1. Yes I won’t be watching especially if it’s on Disney. Won’t be going to Disneyland either or taking grandkids there!!!

    1. For a company whose professes that they are all about families, they are asking families who are barely keeping their heads above water financially, to pay $8 every month to watch a show that they enjoyed for free! $8 doesn’t seem like a lot to you but that’s the difference between buying food or gas! Shame on you, Disney, your greed is beyond belief! Oh, and by the way, I never saw one episode of your show, doesn’t interest me!

  2. What a rip-off! I haven’t missed a single season, till now. Not happy with Tyra as host, I like her but not in this capacity, kept watching regardless. Then the girl on girl dancers, my best friend is gay but this really pushed the envelope. Stopped watching for 2 weeks hoping they would be eliminated, no such luck. Now we are expected to pay for political posturing! I’ve had enough, I draw a line, this is my hill. ABC could have made better arrangements.

  3. Big mistake moving to Disney Plus.. who has the money to add Disney Plus to their cable bill..Not me…We are all lucky to make ends meet every month without adding an extra bill…Tyra(I’m sorry) is a horrible host…she was horrible on AGT as well…Alfonso, however, I think will make it interesting…he can handle it by himself. He doesn’t need Tyra by his side…Let her move on..I will miss not seeing DWTS this season…

  4. Have watched DWS since it started. It is my favorite show of all shows. Was very upset when the 2 announcers were let go.
    But now I guess at 80 years of age I will have to give up one more joy in life. 😢 So sad.

  5. I feel the same way a lot of others have voiced.watched the show from day one.I can not afford to add disney + to my cable bill.Sooooooooo sad.

  6. I had to record dwts because tyra was so annoying. But i loved the dancing! But i can’t afford to pay another penny more for tv. It’s just too much now. I’ll miss it, I’ve been a fan from Season 1. But i no longer feel appreciated. I’m done.

  7. I watched DWTS since it first aired. I absolutely stopped watching when Tyra joined the show. She does not help the show in any way.

  8. I watched every episode since it started. I absolutely loved the show. I watched one episode after Tyra joined the show and haven’t watched since. She adds absolutely nothing to the show, in fact, she detracts from it with her “it’s all about me” attitude. Adding Alfonso was a huge plus, but unfortunately not enough to entice me to watch again. And, switching to Disney+ did not help the situation. Will not have anything to do with anything Disney, much less have to pay to do it!!! Get rid of Tyra and go back to TV and I’ll be the first in line to watch….until then, you lost me as a viewer!!!

  9. I love watching DWTS but I’m not going join Disney and have to pay another streaming price. And besides I wish you would remove Tyra bc I have heard from people that they aren’t liking her as a host. Ithink you will lose a lot of views bc of the change to Disney plus and keepingTyra bc people won’t want to pay tractor either of those two items I mentioned

  10. DWTS, was one of my favorite shows but as a senior citizen, I can’t afford to pay for Disney+. Being on a budget leaves only few $$ extra and food isn’t considered a luxury. Tyra a bad job hosting why are they bringing her back.

  11. Hated it since it started they knew monoco was gonna win because she is employed by abc. I boycotted the crap in 2016 when they eliminated terra because she was a little person and gave sympathy to s little gymnastist like they always do. She needs to end because they choose their favorites to win

  12. Its a shame that ABC took a show that had a fairly large older demographic, and moved it to a streaming service. This will probably be the death of this once popular show. I wish everyone luck, but I will not pay to get Disney+ for one show!!!

  13. I have watched every episode since the beginning. I can’t afford to pay for Disney. I guess I won’t be watching one of my favorite shows

  14. I as a former dancer loved DWTS. I even got to be there 3 times, which was so exciting. But I stopped watching like many others when Tyra came on board. I loved Tom Bergeron as the host with Erin. Even if it is on Disney plus, but as long as Tyra is still there I won’t be.

  15. While I enjoyed watching DWTS for many years, I will not be watching this season due to them moving to Disnet+. Won’t pay for a streaming service to watch this program.Moving from regular TV to a streaming service isn’t a bill I’m willing to take on. It’ll probably be the beginning of the end for this once highly entertaining show. I stayed even after they fired Tom Bergeron, whom many loved as the host. I’ve read a lot of comments and I side with them on most of their issues with the direction they’re taking the show to.

  16. I am in agreement with most all of the above comments, but I feel a need to express my opinion on Tyra Banks. The outrageous costumes that scream “look at me”. The mistakes and her screech about how nothing is her fault. Her attitude about the dancers and partners. Her absolute ignorance about ballroom dancing. I honestly don’t think she will allow Alfonso or anyone to share her spotlight. Moving to Disney+ is the death sentence for this wonderful show. I know Disney owns ABC, but shame on all of you as greed prevails.

  17. When you fired Tom and Erin that was it for me. Tyra sucks and now moving it you pissed off what little bit of fans you still had. Sad because I use to love this show.

  18. I will NOT be watching DWTS. I tried watching after Tyra started. The show became about her. Had to stop. I’d watched from the beginning. I’d watch again if it was just Alphonso.

  19. I have watch yell from day one.i don’t understand why yell are doing fthis this some of us are working week to week on tight budget we can’t afford this like yell can. This will be the first season I will miss. Yell are so wrong for this.

    1. I’m joining others on the boycott. I can’t take on another streaming bill. Soon there will be no cable and you’ll have to pay for separate streaming services for every single show you watch, it’s ridiculous how greedy these billionaire companies have become. I have stage 4 breast cancer and I enjoy every season I’m alive to get to watch dwts and this year I can’t watch because money is just too tight like it is for most ppl. Thank you Disney+ and abc for taking the one show I actually enjoyed away because of your greed. I’m now done with this show. Can’t wait to see those low ratings this year because it looks like your losing more then half your viewers due to your poor decisions.

  20. I agree with all the comments listed. I am SO DISAPPOINTED DWTS has chose to move to different channel? My budget will not allow me to add another channel to my cable???? Have watched DWTS since the beginning. BOOHOO!

  21. I will not be watching the program. First thing Tara is awful. I will not pay Disney one red cent. Big mistake taking it off of ABC.

  22. Have watched from the beginning. Even suffered thru Tyra as host. Unfortunately can’t afford Disney+ so won’t be watching anymore🙁

  23. Have watched Dancing with the Stars since the beginning. Unfortunately will no longer be able to due to the decision to move to streaming service. Senior citizens on fixed incomes cannot continue to be charged for entertainment services. Hopefully DWTS will return to regular TV.

  24. I watch dancing with the stars for years but it just got too acrobatic for me and not real dancing I will not watch anything with Disney anymore too political good riddance goodbye.

  25. DWTS is my favorite show. I can’t afford to add Disney to my budget, so I guess it is goodbye. DWTS once again is making a really poor decision.

  26. I have also watched DWTS since Season 1. I PVR the last season so I could fast forward thru Tyra’s bad hosting. Will not be watching. Wont pay for the Disney Channel. Good bye to one of my favorite shows.

  27. My husband and I have loved DTWS since day 1. We are very upset about moving the show to Disney+ as we cannot afford to add it to our cable bill. Another reason to be mad at Disney. Can’t afford to go to their parks either.

  28. I cut the cable cord 2 years ago because I generally ONLY watched channels ABC, NBC, CBS and Hallmark and WAS paying $88. per month to direct TV. I am a retired senior and had to cut costs. Now with the increases in groceries and gas, cutting the cord was the best thing I could do. Cable definitely not worth it. I watched every season of DWTS since beginning. Not fond of host but I watched for the dancers.
    Now the only app I’m paying for is one so I can have hallmark and it’s a reasonable cost. I refuse to pickup additional costs that will lead back to what I was paying for cable. I have particular shows I watch. No family members to watch children’s movies. Disappointed but it’s what I had to do. I hope what Disney + did does not work out for them regarding DWTS. Bring back DWTS to ABC please.

  29. I agree, one of my favorite shows but cannot afford to pay to for Disney, this is not fair to a lot of people who got enjoyment from the show but now will not be able to watch it. due to another cost. It seems Disney does not care about the “everyday ” person. Also liked the previous hosts much better but still watched as I liked the dancing.

  30. I have watched DWTS since the beginning but since it is now streaming I cannot afford to pay for this, as I am sure this applies to the everyday person who may not have the extra funds which Disney does not seem to care about. Also the previous hosts were much better but continued to watch as I liked the dancing. Did record so I could watch only the dance numbers and the judges comments

  31. Always looked forward to Dancing With the Stars. Sadly we won’t be watching. With rising costs on everything now we are being made to pay to watch the show. Another slap in the face from Disney. They should be ashamed of themselves as the majority of fans are senior citizens on fixed income. Just like visiting theme parks… can no longer afford. Walt must be spinning in his grave. Shame on Disney Corp.

  32. I have watched DWTS from day 1. When Tom left, I loved the show enough to give Tyra a chance. Have mercy, it was too much! She came out every week strutting like it was the ‘Tyra Banks Show’. Costume changes?
    Seriously? People were laughing at her.
    Now, in the middle of Covid-19 and people struggling to pay bills, production says, “Who cares? Move it where we can make everyone PAY. They pay or find something else to watch….Bottom line, we at ABC don’t care.’ So, in the end greed steps forward huh? We’re family to you? When hard times come,, we needed ABC (FAMILY) to give it’s loyal
    (and I mean LOYAL) viewers a show that brings us together. A show to enjoy and put smiles on faces that need it so much.They didn’t care! Can’t afford it? Your problem not ours. Plenty of people will pay us. Well guess what? Me and everyone I know is moving on. No way am I paying you. No way! When you stop caring about your viewers, this happens. So, ABC…. happy now?

  33. I will not be watching DWTS. Can’t afford another bill. This will not help them get a younger audience. Tyra is not right for this show. ABC needs to appreciate their long time fans for this show. Many won’t be able to afford it and won’t change to streaming- including me. Horrible decision.

  34. I made the fatal mistake of signing on with my daughters Disney+ password.
    How can all the BIG execs keep Tyra on this show. And then a drag queen. That was the nail in the coffin for me.
    Maybe ABC and Disney will wake up and get this back on ABC and get rid of Tyra. I agree with others that all she is concerned about is how she looks. By the way, there were no commercials so she didn’t get to change into anymore of her trashy outfits.
    I won’t waste my time watching anymore this season.
    For all of you that did not get to see the show, you didn’t miss much. My wife and I agree that is the poorest cast ever.

  35. I won’t be watching DWTS on Disney+ I will miss the show terribly. It’s all about money!
    SHAME on you Disney!

  36. I won’t be watching Dances with Stars . To many people can’t pay to watch a family show on a paid station.To much live streaming and these channels people have to pay for a family program . Football have there channels for sports .

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