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Aunt KiKi Has Her Own Twin In Busby Quints, Which One?

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Aunt KiKi Mills of OutDaughtered shared a rare photo of herself snuggled up with one of the quints. While it is not uncommon for her husband, Uncle Dale, to share a photo of himself with one of the quints (usually Hazel), Aunt KiKi doesn’t share photos with them nearly as often. Danielle Busby’s sister did explain in the caption why she shared this rare photo of herself with one of the quints.

Which quint was spending time with Aunt KiKi and why did she share this photo? Keep reading for the details.

Uncle Dale Mills and KiKi, YouTube

Aunt KiKi Mills twins with one of the Busby quints

According to Aunt KiKi Mills’ caption, people often tell her that Riley Busby looks like her double. So, she decided to snuggle up with the quint and share a selfie of the two together to see what fans were talking about. Sure enough, this photo of Aunt KiKi Mills snuggled up next to Riley did have fans feeling like they were seeing double.

Even Danielle Busby popped into the comments to agree Riley really did look like her aunt in this photo.

Just because everyone says RILEY looks like me,” she penned in the caption of the photo. 

Danielle Busby later reshared the photo on her Instagram Stories agreeing Riley really did look like a miniature version of her aunt!

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

OutDaughtered fans react to the eerie resemblance between them

Some OutDaughtered fans were pretty quick to agree that Riley Busby definitely looked like her aunt in this photo. A few fans, however, admitted they still thought Riley looked more like her father Adam. Some even joked she was an odd combination of Adam and Aunt KiKi. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments:

  • “I thought she looks like her Daddy, but I do see resemblance here.”
  • “RiRi and Aunt KiKi!!!”
  • “You could be twins!!!”

There were a few fans of OutDaughtered that really didn’t see the similarities between Aunt KiKi and Riley Busby. These fans, however, wanted to make it clear they still appreciated her taking the time to share this adorable photo with them.

Aunt KiKi Mills - Instagram
Aunt KiKi Mills – Instagram

Well, do you think Riley Busby looks like her Aunt KiKi? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on OutDaughtered.

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