‘sMothered’ Fans Want Francia to Put Daughter Paula In Her Place

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sMothered is back for Season 4. With that, there are four returning mother/daughter duos. Additionally, there are three new ones for viewers to get to know. One that they have taken issue with is Paula and her mother Francia. The duo is a tad too close for comfort and it is not a good thing. Now, fans are up in arms when it comes to Paula. Yet, is it due to poor manners or a lack of rules on Francia’s behalf? Read on for some reactions.

Paula & Francia Turn sMothered Fans Completely Off

This show can get a bit offputting between the mothers and daughters. For example, Lisa helped impregnate her daughter Lauren behind Lauren’s wife’s back. When Laura Leigh discovered what had transpired, this was extremely disconcerting for her. No matter what way they were leaning, it was supposed to be a moment between her and Lauren. The fact that Lisa was the main participant was a bit too much to handle. Now, they are officially expecting and Laura Leigh has to remind Lisa she is the grandmother not the actual parent of the baby.

Francia, Paula

Then there are the newcomers, Francia and Paula. The biggest issue fans had with them is their lack of awareness. Moreover, they would pretty much do everything together 24/7 if they could. This includes going to the bathroom, consistent nudity, and clubbing. Most times, it appears that Paula is the one who takes care of her mother. She brings her morning juice and they know they have an odd relationship but it works for them. Fans were immediately put off by their closeness, especially the nudity. Now, they are turned off by Paula and her recent rude actions.

Paula Takes It To The Limits

This season’s synopsis reveals that Paula gets angry when she learns that her mom, Francia is adopting her niece. After having Francia to herself for so many years, she is not in the mood to share. It seems this is a common trend for the duo. According to Meaww, the most recent episode showed Francia prepping for a date. She shared this news with Paula that she would have to postpone their meal date as she had met someone and was planning on having dinner with him. Paula was unhappy as she felt she was not in the know.


When her mom was out on her date, she was shocked when Paula decided to crash it. Fans immediately took to Twitter to shame Francia for not raising Paula better.

  • “I can’t believe she is letting her daughter ruin her date. I would have sent her clingy a** home and went dancing.”
  • “Francia better deal with that azz once they get home”
  •  “Her mom not putting Paula in her place is the reason why Paula acts like that”
  • “Paula is in the role of the smothering mother for her mom on this show. This is too much.”
  • “Paula, take your grown, toxic a** home and microwave some dinner. Leave your mom alone with her date.”

What do you think of Paula’s behavior? Finally, should Francia discipline her or is she her enabler? Let us know and watch sMothered Mondays on TLC.


Amanda Nowitz

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  1. I can’t watch Francia and Paula. This relationship is so toxic and unhealthy and their behavior really turns me off. Grow up Paula – start living your own life. And Francia stop enabling her. When she rudely interrupted your date you should have asked her to leave. I was embarrassed for her date.

  2. I loved my mother, who no longer alive.
    I would never lay naked in bed with her.
    They make me sick, they both need to grow
    Up mother needs to put her foot down
    Before it gets worse.

  3. Paula makes me sick! I change the channel when she comes on scene. What a control freak. And sooo out of bounds!

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