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‘Sister Wives’: What Makes Robyn Brown So Unlikable?

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Sister Wives fans have long favored the other wives over Robyn. They feel that she has caused nothing but trouble since she came into their lives. Mainly because Kody favored her over everyone else and that caused a big rift. Even his children were aware of the favoritism. Yet, are there more reasons for the apparent viewer disdain for fourth wife, Robyn? Apparently so.

Sister Wives Introduces Robyn To The World

Robyn was somewhat of a necessary evil for the Brown family. She came in after sixteen years of it just being three wives. Kody married Meri in 1990 then her former sister-in-law, Janelle in 1993. The following year, he wed Christine and the family seemed complete however something seemed to be missing. It seemed the missing piece was another wife.

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That was when Robyn caught Meri’s eye at a friend’s event so she encouraged Kody to ask her to dance. He did and the rest is history. When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, Kody was courting Robyn and eventually proposed. By the end of the first season, the two had gotten married but a number of snafus had occurred. They sealed their engagement with a kiss plus he was smooching her when Christine was in labor.

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Additionally, he had chosen Robyn’s wedding dress behind the other ladies’ backs. This was after she took the three dress shopping so they all felt betrayed. Though she had her moments of being sweet, she never encouraged Kody’s favoritism toward her to cease. It only got worse as the seasons went on and by Season 16, they seemed monogamous and she looked like a true villain.

Why The Problems?

So, there are a few issues that Sister Wives fans have with Robyn Brown. First off, she knows how to get her way, aka she’s a master manipulator. Though she claimed she had nothing to do with Kody’s strict pandemic protocols, so many people, including his kids, called her bluff. So much so, Robyn alleged that she had gotten phone calls from some of them getting mad at her for the family being divided for months at a time. Why should she care? She had him almost religiously at her home for nine months.

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Similarly, she’s always the victim. Back to the pandemic, she claimed that everyone came for her when she was just following the rules. All she says that she wants is a happy peaceful family but what does she really do to ensure that is happening? Finally, not an episode has passed where she is not balling her eyes out. Initially, she said she would not be the wife who always cried. That has proven to be a lie, hence how she got the moniker ‘Sobbyn Robyn.’

In the end, fans just find her to be needy yet she is smart. She has made it so she is now the only legal wife who has Kody always by her side. Victim or genius? You decide and watch Sister Wives September 11 on TLC.

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