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‘Sister Wives:’ Kody & Janelle Brown CAUGHT In Major Lie

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown were caught in a major lie ahead of the Season 17 Premiere. Turns out, the new season of the TLC series is shaping up to tell a different story than what really happened about a year ago. A photo that circulated on social media about a year ago contradicts the storyline that TLC has created for Season 17. This photo paired with the storyline for Season 17 catches both Janelle and her husband Kody Brown in a major lie. What will they lie about this season? Keep reading for the details.

Kody and Janelle Brown busted in big lie

Last year, Janelle Brown purchased an RV to live on the land of Coyote Pass. According to Without A Crystal Ball, there was a photo that was making rounds on social media at the time. The photo was of Kody and Janelle at the RV dealer making the purchase of her new home. The photo revealed that Kody Brown was very much involved in the process of her buying the RV. In this photo, the couple happily posted with the RV dealer.

As fans know, Janelle Brown put the RV up for the winter. When summer of this year rolled around, however, she decided not to bring the RV back out. She explained her daughter was having a hard time adjusting to the RV life. So, she had to give it up for now.


Janelle Brown purchasing the RV and embracing living on Coyote Pass will happen during Season 17 of the show. The storyline of the new season, however, suggests things happened a bit differently than the photo of Kody and Janelle buying the RV.

Sister Wives production serves up fake storyline

Turns out, Season 17 of Sister Wives promises to show Janelle Brown purchasing an RV without Kody’s knowledge.

“In a Press Release for Season 17, TLC says Janelle purchased the RV without Kody knowing. They also say she moved to Coyote Pass without his knowledge,” Katie Joy penned in a caption she attached to a photo of Kody Brown purchasing the RV with Janelle.

Click here to see the photo on Instagram.

Katie Joy continued: “This picture from June 2021 proves TLC or the Browns are lying about this storyline.”

Kody Brown - Janelle Brown Sister Wive youtube

Sister Wives: Is the whole show fake?

With reality TV (especially on TLC), fans are well aware of a heavy amount of scripting and controlled editing coming into the picture. Fans, however, assume the conversations and bigger picture storylines are the real deal. This information has fans questioning if any portion of Sister Wives is real or if the entire show is scripted. After all, fans have wondered for a long time if Kody Brown was actually with any of his wives (outside of Robyn) when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Do you think this is a weird thing for TLC to lie about and set up as a storyline for Sister Wives? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more.

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  1. I am appaled at how many follow the sister wives saga. There’s nothing spiritual about this lifestyle. Relationships show favoritism, loneliness, jealousy, rejection, devorce, disunity, disrespect etc. This is a money making farce but I guess disfunction sells.

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