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Mama June Takes Fans Inside Her Transformation Journey

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Through all her years on reality TV, viewers saw Mama June go through many changes. Her struggle with addiction definitely made the situation difficult for her family, but she’s tried hard to maintain her sobriety. Now, the family matriarch wants to take fans inside her transformation over the last decade.

Followers aren’t wildly impressed with Mama June’s transformation

Reality TV star Mama June just really wants her followers to know that she’s changed quite a bit over the past decade. Although she showed concern for her girls on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, fans have noticed she’s more focused on her romantic life these days. But even so, Mama June is determined to show followers how much she’s grown.

Mama June from WEtv
June Shannon/WEtv

“These r some of the pics of me over the past 10 years and while have I changed in so many ways but I just wanted to share some of them with you as a look at them I Think about where I was at that time and where I am today and it’s so much different in a lot of ways I’m in such a better place today even from a year I feel I have grown so much I love who I’m now ni continue to grow as a person,” Mama June shared on her Instagram page.

June’s fans are happy to see that she’s committed to growth and change. However, they don’t really feel that she’s done enough for her own daughters. The comment section definitely reflects that.

Mama June Shannon from Instagram
June Shannon/Instagram

“Good, now do right by your children. Mend the relationships that you have broken. I want you to be better. You can do it,” wrote one follower.

“That’s all well and good. Please incorporate balance in your personal and private life to include your children.😍” another follower added.

Who do you agree most with? Has Mama June truly grown and changed or does she need to devote more attention to her girls? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Lauryn Efird takes custody of Alana Thompson

Fans that follow Mama June and her family know that Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird and her husband got custody of Alana Thompson. Lauryn is Alana’s older sister and has four young children of her own, including newborn twins. But Lauryn felt that Mama June’s lifestyle just wasn’t suitable for a teenage girl. It seems that Mama June’s followers aren’t the only ones who think that she needs to place a heavier focus on her daughters’ lives.

Do you think that Alana has been better off under the Efird family’s roof? Let everyone know in the comments and stay tuned for the latest news on June Shannon and her family. There will be more stories about the family soon.

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