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Fans Congratulate Trent Johnston On Big Success

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It was a year ago that Trent Johnston of 7 Little Johnstons shocked fans with his decision to change careers. As TvShowsAce reported when he first made the decision, fans of the TLC start weren’t super supportive of him walking down a different career path.

Now, the lack of support isn’t because they wanted Trent Johnston to rot in a job he wasn’t happy with. 7 Little Johnstons fans just weren’t thrilled with the new career path he was taking. What was that career path exactly and has it really been a year?

Wait, what did Trent Johnston do before switching careers?

As those who follow the show know, Trent Johnston was a ground supervisor prior to switching careers. He, however, made an unexpected shift to being a car salesman about a year ago. Why were fans so upset about this career switch? Well, it was largely because they felt it was a bit hypocritical.

Their son Jonah was also a car salesman. And, Trent Johnston never hesitated to give their son a hard time for his choice of career. Trent didn’t believe Jonah could make enough money to pay his bills as a car salesman because his paycheck depended on actually making sales.

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7 Little Johnstons fans were understandably disgusted that Trent would shift to being a car salesman after giving his son Jonah so much grief for having the very same career.

He’s been a car salesman for a year now

Shockingly, it has been an entire year since Trent Johnston made the decision to abandon his current career and explore being a car salesman. Fans can only assume Trent watched how much money his son Jonah was making and decided he wanted a piece of that pie. Likewise, maybe his son Jonah was just successful in talking up how exciting the job was.

“Celebrating 1 year with Riverside Ford! Thank you to the Riverside Ford team and all my customers!” Trent penned in a caption attached to the Instagram he uses to promote his car sales.

Trent Johnston - Instagram
Trent Johnston – Instagram

Trent Johnston’s car sales profile only has about 27,000 followers. This, however, didn’t stop nearly 4,000 of them from liking his update. Many fans kept their comments simple telling him “congratulations” for making it as far as he had. Many 7 Little Johnstons fans assume he posted the update on this profile instead of the family’s main profile to avoid any backlash he might receive from fans who don’t care for this career path.

Are you surprised Trent Johnston has been working his new career for a year now? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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