‘Deadliest Catch’ Crew Worried Russia Fired A Missile At Them?

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The cast of Deadliest Catch knows they put their lives in danger every day in their line of work. However, they never expected an encounter with another ship would result in a missile possibly launched against them. That is what happened on Tuesday night’s episode of the Discovery Channel reality show.

Did Russia launch a missile at Deadliest Catch crew?

On Tuesday night’s Deadliest Catch episode, “Operation Anvil Drop,” Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard recruited Captain Johnathon Hillstrand of the Time Bandit to intercept a Russian trawler fishing illegally in U.S. waters. However, the situation intensified when the Time Bandit’s crew spotted a missile streaking across their position. This caused a bit of panic, but a funny end to the incident.

Before the alleged missile launch, the Wizard had an incident with a Russian fishing vessel in U.S. waters, which endangered the Wizard’s fishing gear. The Time Bandit arrived to enforce the U.S. claim to the fishing grounds and sent the Russian boat packing. However, what happened next was frightening. One member of the Time Bandit looked into the sky and pointed out what looked like a missile fired from Russia.

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“Did Russia shoot a missile, dude?” Hillstrand asked. One deckhand yelled that “It’s coming right for us, captain!” That was a little panicked, as the missile wasn’t aimed at them — if it was a missile at all. No one was sure what the streak headed into the sky was, but it posed no danger to the fishing boats. That led to Captain Colburn delivering the line of the episode when he exclaimed, “I’ll tell you what, I’m not giving away our fishing grounds. So bring it on, Russia. Time Bandit and Wizard, team USA.”

Deadliest Catch offers danger at every turn

One thing that Deadliest Catch fans know is that the show’s title is not a misnomer. This is a reality TV series that is as dangerous as advertised. The Discovery series is a filmed record of everyday life in a stressful working environment, and it shows the real dangers of commercial fishing. The show reveals that the fatality rate of this occupation is higher than pilots and loggers, with the highest fatality rate of any job at 141.7 deaths per 100,000 people.

Deadliest Catch

The dangers come with severe weather, frigid gates, rogue waves, working with heavy machinery, and a constantly rolling boat deck. This means the series offers a powerful look at the people who take on these jobs and their unwillingness to accept anything but the best of their fellow fishermen. This makes it one of television’s most-watched reality TV series.

However, as dangerous as the fishing conditions are, no one could have expected a Russian missile attack on a fishing boat. Luckily, it all ended well, but it proves that on Deadliest Catch, anything can happen.

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