‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Rena Sofer Out, What Is Quinn’s Fate?

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It isn’t unusual for daily soap characters to make an unexpected exit from their roles, even if they have been playing the character for a long time. One such character from the CBS show The Bold And The Beautiful has opted to bid adieu to her stint in the soap opera. Rena Sofer, who has charmed the audience with her performance as Quinn Fuller, the devious jewelry designer, is saying goodbye to her character soon.

Rena Sofer’s Nine-Year Stint Comes To An End

As per Soap Opera Digest, she has been playing the character since 2013, and the last episode with her portraying the character will air on August 29, 2022. In an interview, she talked about her exit from the show.

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She said, “Now is my time to see what’s out there for me. I had already decided this was going to be my last contract, but when they finished the story of Quinn and Carter coming together, it seemed like the right time.”

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On August 16, the soap opera star hinted at her exit from the show in an Instagram post. She posted a picture with several bouquets of flowers along with several message cards. One of these cards read, “Enjoy the next chapter of your life,” while another read, “You will be missed!”

Rena captioned the post, “August 5, 2022, was a very big day for me. More to come…..”

Fans And The Bold And The Beautiful Team React To Rena’s Exit

Fans quickly took to the comments section speculating and wondering if the ‘next chapter’ term hinted at her exit from the show. Kaitlin Swan wrote in the comments, “Oh no,” along with a crying emoji expressing her distress. “We already know what’s coming!” she added.

A fan commented, “Nooooo! I hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does!! Either way, I hope it was a big day in a good way. Our flight to Australia for you all to film was such a highlight. You were so lovely, friendly, and genuine while I fangirled the entire way.”

Rena Sofer Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“It’s the end of soaps world. Nothing will be the same without u,” chimed another.

A third added, “Noooo, Queen Fuller. I love Queen.”

“I will stop to watch BB if you leave the soap….The best actress and character… Please don’t!!!” claimed the fourth fan.

Team Bold And The Beautiful Gives Rena Sofer A Beautiful Farewell

The 53-year-old later confirmed her exit with a post shared today on Instagram. She shared a few snaps of her farewell by the team at The Bold And The Beautiful.

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Rena captioned the post, “A few lovely pics of my amazing send-off from @boldandbeautifulcbs on my last day! Thank you all for the kind words and all the love I felt over the last 9 years!!! @Isaintvic @katherinekellylang @annikanoelle, and special thanks to Ed Scott for sending me away in style!!! #boldandbeautiful @rena.sofer.”

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