Love Island USA Fans Say Nadjha Day Isn't Genuine? [Peacock | YouTube]

‘Love Island USA’ Fans Say Nadjha Day Isn’t Genuine?

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Love Island USA fans don’t think Nadjha Day is being genuine about her feelings. Casa Amor ended right after the islanders made their decisions during the recoupling ceremony. It was one of the most dramatic moments of the season. A recent episode showed them dealing with the aftermath and regretting their decision.

Nadjha was one of the new girls who joined the villa. Before Casa Amore, she took an interest in Jeff Christian Jr., who she clicked with. However, she felt that Nic Birchall was more her type since they had a lot in common. Nadjha coupled up with Nic, while Jeff arrived at the villa single.

Read on to see why the Love Island USA fans are calling out her fakery.

Nadjha Day Causes Drama In The Villa [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]

Nadjha avoids Nic after recoupling ceremony

During the latest episode of Love Island USA, Nadjha couldn’t get Jeff on her mind. Just seeing him alone made her sad. Jeff returned to the villa solo even though he connected with Tigerlily. Yet, he couldn’t get Nadjha off his mind.

Jeff claimed that he didn’t want to fool around with feelings anymore. He’s ready to take a girl home to his mother. He also hoped that Nadjha didn’t choose another guy over him. He could see himself with her.

Jeff Christian Jr Unlucky With Love [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]
Nadjha ended up avoiding Nic for the rest of the episode. She tried to explain Jeff her decision, but he refused to listen to her. Love Island USA fans weren’t impressed with Nadjha and her fake tears. They feel she’s playing with both of the guys’ feelings.

On the Sunday, August 14 episode of Love Island USA, Nic shared an announcement with the group. He said it was his time to return home to his family. Nic didn’t want to stay any longer in the villa after he realized that Nadjha was interested in Jeff.

Nadjha Day Heartbroken [Peacock | YouTube] Over Jeff
[Peacock | YouTube]

Love Island USA fans call out Nadjha’s fake feelings

Jeff has quickly became a fan-favorite on Love Island USA. Viewers love him because the quiet guy likes to keep it real. He hasn’t had much luck in the villa since his arrival. When Nadjha first appeared on the show, he found her exciting and wanted to give her a chance.

Meanwhile, Nadjha was confused about her feelings. At first, she was torn between Jeff and Isaiah Campbell, and then Jeff and Nic. She claims that she couldn’t decide since she just entered the villa and Casa Amor happened the next day. Love Island USA fans called out Nadjha’s fake feelings for Jeff on Twitter. They don’t think she’s genuine about finding a partner.

  • “Nadjha is very unserious man because how the hell did it take Jeff to walk in alone for you to realize that you liked him like make it make sense pls because the math isn’t mathing at all.”
  • “What the hell is wrong with Nadjha? She had zero love for Jeff she was all about Isaiah when Casa started. She’s a little nutty I don’t trust her or Kat or Phoebe!”
  • “Nadjha trying to blame her recoupling on everyone saying Jeff would recouple… oh come on just own up that Jeff is always your second chance.”

What are your thoughts on Nadjha? Do you think she has genuine intentions? Do you think Jeff was her second choice? Sound off below in the comment section.

Love Island USA Season 4 airs from Tuesday through Sunday on Peacock.

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