Will Ben Higgins & Jessica Clarke Have Children Soon?

Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke via YouTube

Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke tied the knot in November 2021 after having to put things on hold due to the pandemic. Now that they are married and living their best life, are they ready to start a family anytime soon? Keep reading to find out more.

Do Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke want to start a family right away?

E! News shared what Ben Higgins had to say about starting a family with his new bride. The former Bachelor is happy and in love with Jessica. However, he revealed that neither one of them is really rushing to have children.

Ben said, “We’re excited for kids. I believe that, God willing, we will have kids. But right now it’s not a conversation we have often and it’s not something I believe either of us are craving. You know, you hear the ‘baby fever,’ I don’t know if either of us have baby fever right now.”

He also went on to say that they are parents already to their little puppy. Ben said they are trying to raise the best little puppy they can. He noted that he’s making good progress.

Jessica Clarke and Ben Higgins via Instagram
Jessica Clarke and Ben Higgins via Instagram

Ben praises his wife often most recently being her birthday in June. He raved about her. Prior to their marriage, Ben noted that he just knew their marriage would be beautiful saying they had so much to look forward to.

However, it seems Bachelor Nation won’t be seeing a mini Higgins running around for a while.

Celebrity Beef

Ben recently appeared on Celebrity Beef with former Bachelor Nick Viall. The two went head to head on the show even though in reality they are great friends. They were figuring out which one of them was the best Bachelor. Which one would you pick?

In fact, Ben said that when he was having a hard time with being in the spotlight and all the negativity that comes with it he reached out to Nick often.

Celebrity Beef via YouTube

He even credits Nick with giving him advice on out-of-the-box dating skills that eventually led him to meet Jessica.

So, Ben messaged Jessica on Instagram after taking Nick’s advice and the rest is history so to speak.

Ben and Jessica are happily married and Nick has been dating Natalie Joy for over two years now.

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy via Insta
Nick Viall and Natalie Joy via Insta

What do you think about Ben and Jessica waiting to have children? Did you catch Ben and Nick on Celebrity Beef?




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