‘Seeking Sister Wife’: The Davises Finally Get A Bed Upgrade

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The Davis family has quite an interesting story on Seeking Sister Wife. There are already two wives and they are actively pursuing a third. At the same time, everyone involved shares one bed. The logistics of it all is definitely a headscratcher. Luckily, the family has finally gotten a bed upgrade and it is a dream come true.

Too Many Cooks In The Seeking Sister Wife Kitchen?

It started with Nick and April but they knew that they would eventually add on another wife. Almost five years ago, April met Jennifer at work. She loved her energy and felt she would be the perfect addition to the family. Jennifer hit it off with Nick but polygamy is not legally recognized. Therefore the three could not get married. To solve the problem, April and Jennifer tied the knot but took Nick’s last name. Since they all love being together so much, they have chosen to share one bed.

Seeking Sister Wife/YouTube
April, Nick

When they are being intimate, the other partner does exit the room. Now, they are actively pursuing Danielle. She has made it known she is in this for the long haul and cares about all of them. However, some big changes are coming to the family. Jennifer is pregnant with a baby girl. April already has a teenage son from a previous relationship who Nick raised from birth. Yet this is a huge deal for the Davises who have always wanted to add more kids. It is a lot to not just bring in a new wife but a new baby. So it seemed like the perfect time to upgrade their bed.

New Baby, New Bed

According to Starcasm, the family has decided to upgrade their bed. This comes on the heels of them deciding to purchase a bigger home which they have already done. The original home was in April’s name but the new one has all three of them on it. Danielle’s name is not on any part of the home. Then again, she is still new to the family and the lifestyle. Back to the bed. It’s all about the master bedroom and ensuring it is large enough.

Seeking Sister Wife/YouTube
Nick, Danielle

“The master bedroom we need to have really big. And the reason why is we’re going to have a big bed that’s going to be able to accommodate all of us. So it’s going to be a twelve-foot-wide bed,” April shares. It will actually be custom-made to fit the family. It will be interesting to see what kind of home and bedroom they find to fit everything. Good luck to them and their realtor.

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