‘RHONJ’: Antonia Gorga All Grown Up For 17th Birthday

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It is hard to believe that the RHONJ kids are growing up. Melissa and Joe Gorga’s daughter, Antonia just celebrated her seventeenth birthday. Fans were shocked to see her looking extremely grown up during the festivities. Did her parents let her push the limits or was it her time to shine?

More RHONJ Controversy?

The drama never ends in New Jersey. Melissa’s sister-in-law Teresa Giudice just got married for the second time. However, it was not necessarily a family affair. Though all of the housewives from every franchise were in attendance, there were two noticeable absences. Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga along with Melissa were no-shows. It was rumored just days before the nuptials that they would not be attending. Apparently, there was an explosive RHONJ finale and it caused the Gorgas to sit the big day out.


In all fairness, Melissa has not always felt that she was treated fairly by her SIL. They have had quite a contentious relationship. As for Joe, he has tried to put family first but does not feel he gets the same in return. All that aside, the couple was not going to let it ruin their baby girl’s big birthday. Antonia had it tough over the last few years. She had to move during high school so her younger brothers could have a better football team.


This was hard on the cheerleader and then she had surgery which she had to recover from. She tried to understand why her parents made the move but adapting was not easy. Eventually, she found her groove and her parents were unbelievably proud of her. It appears they gifted her a white Porsche and celebrated at TAO. Unfortunately, followers of the family were less than impressed with what the teen was wearing for her seventeenth birthday.

Appropriate Or Crossing The Line?

For her birthday, the RHONJ teen wore a tight leather dress. According to The Sun, many felt it was too mature for her age. Fans went so far as to blame her parents, Melissa and Joe for what she was wearing. A social media thread was even started to criticize the Gorgas. Here’s what some had to say:

  • “I’m about to be 36 she looks my age… No way would my parents let me dress like that.”
  • “When I was 17, I was wearing Vans, flare jeans, and oversized quicksilver T-shirts. This outfit would not fly.”
  • “I’m surprised Joe let her out of the house in this dress!”
  • “It’s like they are proud to over-sexualize their teenage daughter. They couldn’t wait ONE year to do this?”

As long as she was safe and had an amazing night, that is all that a parent can hope for. Melissa doted on her in her postings so it seems Antonia is a parent’s dream. Happy birthday.

What are your thoughts on her birthday ensemble? Let us know.


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