‘RHOBH’ Dorit Kemsley Drags Dana Wilkey For ‘Disgusting Lie’

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RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley has had a really rocky season so far. It started with her home being broken into while she was still in it. Now, as she relives the trauma weekly while the show airs, the drama keeps coming. Former cast mate, Dana Wilkey has decided to bring up a ridiculous rumor. However, Dorit is not taking it laying down. Rather she is clapping back and letting Dana know exactly where she stands.

Dorit Kemsley, No Stranger To Drama

Since Dorit started on the Bravo show in Season 7, she has had her fair share of problems with the ladies. It started when she bought a pair of panties for Erika ‘Jayne’ Girardi. They were attending a white party and Kyle Richards needed a nude pair to wear. Lisa Vanderpump asked Erika if she had a spare pair to which she responded she was going commando.

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Later, Dorit’s husband, PK revealed that he had been able to see up Erika’s dress, not minding the view. Therefore, Dorit bought Erika a pair of cute panties as a “joke.” She spent the rest of the season at war with her co-stars. It did not end there. She and PK spoke quite ill of Lisa Rinna which was revealed by Teddi Mellencamp. That was something that needed to be rectified while she also spent the season battling Teddi.

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What started out as a friendship turned into she said/she said dispute over the time of a cocktail date and it ended with “puppygate.” Dorit had gotten a dog from LVP’s Vanderpump Dogs, it was not the right fit, she adopted it out, and it ended up in a shelter. Ultimately, it seemed LVP was placing stories in the tabloids about Mrs. Kemsley and the friendship was over. LVP even left the show. This season, however, fans have softened so much to Dorit. Now, she is fighting an unnecessary battle against someone who is just thirsty.

Who Is Dana Wilkey?

So, RHOBH fans may remember Dana from Season 2 of the show. She was a good friend of Taylor Armstrong and boasted her 25K sunglasses. Furthermore, Kim Richards liked to call her “Pam” so that might be the name viewers may associate her with. Since then, she has had some troubles of her own and then became a housewives commentator. She even appeared in the Hulu documentary about Erika Jayne though she did not seem to know Erika.

Dana Wilkey

About six months ago, she came under fire for spreading lies about PK but he shut them down as fast as they began. Now, she is in a battle with Dorit Kemsley. She posted a romance novel cover entitled An Affair to Remember with Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, and Dorit on the cover via Instagram. The allusion is that they are having an affair. Viewers know that the biggest joke is that PK and Mauricio are the ones who adore each other since PK enjoys gifting Mr. Umansky.



Dorit did not take kindly to the rumor and immediately clapped back. She let Dana know that she felt she was thirsty and it would all come back to bite her in the bum. Hopefully, Dana retracts this before there are true repercussions. What are your thoughts on this situation? Let us know and watch RHOBH Wednesdays on Bravo.

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