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‘OutDaughtered’ Busby Family Goes Berserk & Says Goodbye

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The OutDaughtered Busby family got wild and went berserk as they enjoyed one last hoorah before preparing to say goodbye. What wild thing did the Busby family get wild and go berserk doing exactly? More importantly, what were they saying goodbye to exactly? Keep reading for the details and some fun photos!

OutDaughtered Busby family goes berserk

On both Adam and Danielle Busby’s profile and their Instagram Stories, they shared one big grand finale the girls got to enjoy with some of their friends. The videos and photos revealed the girls went full-on berserk and made a huge mess in the backyard. Adam admitted on his Instagram Stories at the time he thought his wife Danielle was “brave” for letting them enjoy this type of activity. In the comments of Adam’s post on his profile about the wild and messy fun, Danielle jested that everyone could thank her for being the fun mom, wife, and aunt DiDi.

Adam & Danielle Busby Overwhelming Girls With Too Many Activities? [Instagram]
Turns out, Danielle Busby made the decision to let the girls and some of their friends just go wild and crazy in the yard with paint. Wearing bathing suits/water clothes, the girls engaged in a messy paint explosion in the backyard. By the end of the fun activity, nearly all of the girls were coated head to toe in colorful paint.

In the picture Danielle Busby uploaded on her profile, fans admitted it was funny that one of their companions on the end didn’t have much paint on her.  All of the quints, including big sister Blayke, were covered head to toe in paint.

OutDaughtered Busby - Instagram
OutDaughtered Busby – Instagram

How did Danielle Busby get them clean?

Naturally, OutDaughtered fans wonder how Danielle and Adam Busby managed to get the girls clean without dragging them inside and making a huge mess in the house. Danielle and Adam both showed videos on their Instagram Stories of the girls being blasted with water hoses as they washed away the paint.

In the comments of her Instagram post, Danielle reassured her fans the girls had a blast and the paint was VERY easy to get back off of the girls.

OutDaughtered Busby - Instagram
OutDaughtered Busby – Instagram

What did the OutDaughtered Busby family say goodbye to?

Turns out, this messy and wild activity was one last chance for the girls to have some summer fun before returning to school. So, this was the final send-off with the OutDaughtered Busby family saying goodbye to the summer and hello to the school year. Fans can only assume Adam and Danielle Busby are thrilled school is starting as it means they will get a few kid-free hours to enjoy.

What do you think of the messy fun the family had? Let us know in the comments down below.

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