Crunchyroll Voice Artist Loses Job Over Fan-Dub Fiasco

Crunchyroll Chainsaw Man YouTube

The concept of anime started in Japan and, over the decades, gained recognition worldwide. Given its unique concept and animation style, a popularity burst was inevitable. However, an obstruction that restricts fans from enjoying their favorite anime is the language barrier. With time, popular platforms started streaming dubbed versions of top titles to cater to fans at a global level. But, when you don’t have the legal right to dub an anime, you can land in trouble. This is something that happened with a Crunchyroll voice actor.

Crunchyroll Voice Actor Fired For Chainsaw Man Fandub

As per Comicbook, a French voice actor, Anna Lauzeray-Gishi landed herself in hot water given her involvement with a Chainsaw Man fandub. The voice actor has worked with Crunchyroll for several dubbed versions. This includes her recent work on Classroom Of The Elite as Kikyo Kushida.

Crunchyroll Chainsaw Man YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In her latest Twitter thread, the French dub artist shared the reason for her removal from the dub’s cast. Her tweet read:

“Following a call with Crunchyroll, I have the permission to share the following: I can confirm I will no longer voice Kikyo in Classroom of the Elite,” she writes.

The tweet continued, “The reason I was given for the decision was because of the Chainsaw Man fandub [I joined]. I would have liked to find an amicable solution, such as removing the fandub, but none were offered to me. I was directly fired for it.”

Citing her shock regarding the firing, she said, “I began working with fandubs, and today I’m being fired for it,” she continues.

“For the new generation, fandubs are one of the best formats to improve our skills and show what we can do. Today, more and more fandubbers become professionals through their hard-work, perseverance, and determination. I hope this instance is an isolated case.”

Crunchyroll Offers Statement On Voice Actor’s Firing

Soon enough, her tweet went viral with some fans supporting the voice actor and others supporting Crunchyroll. Later on, the streaming platform offered a statement on her firing but didn’t comment on the reason.

Crunchyroll Chainsaw Man YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As per the official statement:

“Anna Lauzeray-Gishi is no longer contracted by Crunchyroll for dubbing roles. We can’t comment on the reasons for her departure but do wish her the best in her career.”

When Will Chainsaw Man Anime Premiere On Crunchyroll?

Chainsaw Man anime series is pending release in October 2022 on Crunchyroll. Renowned Mappa studio is in charge of the production requisites for the anime.

The story entails Denji, a young man who wishes to live a happy life with the woman he loves. However, there is a twist in the tale. He has to kill devils in order to pay his debts. Accompanied by his pet devil, Pochita, Denji accomplishes his tasks by transforming into a chainsaw.

Crunchyroll Chainsaw Man YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The anime is an adaptation of the Chainsaw Man manga with Fujimoto as the illustrator and writer.

Do you think Crunchyroll firing their voice artist is a bit too harsh? Or was the termination of her contract justified? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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