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‘DWTS’: Cheryl Burke Celebrates A Major Milestone In Her Sobriety

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Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke has always been an open book about her mental health issues and sobriety. But the good news is that she has something major to celebrate these days. The 38-year-old dancer recently announced that she’s hit four years of sobriety!

The announcement is pretty significant considering Cheryl confessed to struggling to stay sober amid her divorce. She announced in early 2022 that she and actor Matthew Lawrence split after three years of marriage.

Fans are so excited that Cheryl managed to maintain her sobriety for several years now.

Cheryl Burke maintains her sobriety even under pressure

Cheryl Burke has a lot on her mind these days. The next season of DWTS is rapidly approaching and she’s still navigating through her divorce. But the good news is that she’s managed to maintain her sobriety. The professional dancer recently announced on her TikTok channel that it’s been four years since she last had a drink.

Cheryl Burke from Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

Her followers were extremely proud and had many positive things to say.

“Congratulations!!! It’s been such an inspiring journey, and you’ve helped so many🎉💚” one follower wrote on the video.

“Great!! Congratulations on your daily (up from minute by minute) work!! I’m proud of you,” someone else chimed in.

Recently, the dancer admitted she’s having a tough time staying sober. But the important thing is that Cheryl managed to overcome her dark thoughts and press onward anyway. Everyone is extremely proud of her courage and hard work.

The long-time DWTS pro is considering retirement

Cheryl Burke has teased her retirement for a while now. She’s admitted that professional dancing is generally for younger people. She’s going to be 40 in a few more years and wants to start thinking about the rest of her life beyond the ballroom.

Cheryl Burke from Good Morning America
Cheryl Burke/Good Morning America

“If I do another season of Dancing With The Stars, I just need to do it,” Cheryl said during her appearance on the Allison Interviews podcast. “When the time comes, whether this will be my last season or not, I don’t know. Or if I don’t, I can then consume my brain with those thoughts.”

She also wants to be a mother and knows that won’t make it easy for her to come back to the ballroom. The Season 2 champion knows that pregnancy will change her body quite a bit. And she doesn’t want to pressure herself to fit back into her dance costumes.

“I would prefer not to have to put myself in a dance costume and just let myself gain weight,” the 38-year-old admitted. “I do believe I will start to love my body more when I don’t have to shove my ass into a dance costume. So, right now it is on hold.”

Stay tuned for more stories on DWTS Season 31 and Cheryl Burke. There will be plenty of news to share in the upcoming weeks.

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