Bodies Bodies Bodies from A24

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’: Where To Watch The Film

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Bodies Bodies Bodies is the latest horror film getting a lot of attention online. Many people are interested in the film after seeing the trailer. But is it going to be available to stream anywhere? Will it ever be available to watch on Netflix?

Keep reading to get the inside scoop and plan a horror movie night.

Bodies Bodies Bodies will be available to stream, in some shape or form

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the latest film by studio A24 and looks like an excellent moviegoing experience. According to What’s On Netflix, the movie is about a handful of privileged people in their 20s who decide to have a “hurricane party” in a family mansion. But things quickly go awry when one of the friends suggests they play “bodies bodies bodies.”

It’s a horror film, but many critics praised the movie for its comedic elements and satire. The movie is currently playing in theaters around the country. But many people are still wary about venturing to movie theaters.

So will it be able to stream anytime soon?

Bodies Bodies Bodies from A24
Bodies Bodies Bodies/A24

Sadly, Netflix subscribers shouldn’t get their hopes up. The streaming platform used to have access to plenty of A24 movies, but that isn’t the case any longer. Showtime now has a working deal with A24 that’s good through at least November 2022. Eventually, it seems as if Showtime will pick up the film.

But there is some good news for Netflix subscribers outside of the United States. What’s On Netflix reports that Sony has rights to the film in many other countries. India is expected to get Bodies Bodies Bodies on Netflix by the end of the year, or early 2023 at the latest.

“Netflix Canada and the United Kingdom receive Sony movies 2 years after their theatrical release, meaning the movie is expected to arrive at some point in 2024,” What’s On Netflix continues. “That also applies to regions such as Belgium, Greece, Japan, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and South Africa. Beyond those regions, you’re better off searching out for alternative methods of watching the movie.”

How well is the film performing?

Horror movies don’t always perform well, but it seems like Bodies Bodies Bodies is doing remarkably well. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 90% on the Tomatometer with a 77% audience score. Cast member Pete Davidson probably has a lot to do with ticket sales.

Bodies Bodies Bodies from A24
Bodies Bodies Bodies/A24

Rotten Tomatoes also writes that the film is, “Impeccably cast and smartly written, Bodies Bodies Bodies is an uncommonly well-done whodunit.”

Interested in seeing the movie for yourself? Check out the trailer here:

If you’re excited about the film, be sure to let others know what you think in the comments. Stay tuned for more information on the latest horror films and new television shows. Spooky season is right around the corner, so there will be a lot of news to share about upcoming releases.

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