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‘One Piece Film: Red’ Producer Reflects On Shanks’ Role

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One Piece Film: Red was released on August 6, 2022, in Japan. The movie set a record by scoring over 2.25 Billion Yen (16.68 Million USD) over the weekend. While the musical Uta is the central character of the movie, there is a reason Shanks has had a significant presence throughout.

Shinji Shimizu, the producer of One Piece Film: Red, stated the importance of ensuring Shanks’s presence in the movie. As per the movie’s plot, Luffy and the entire Straw Hat Pirates crew journey to Elegia Island to be a part of Uta’s concert.

One Piece Film: Red Has An Elaborate Role For Shanks

However, as fans move ahead in the story, it is revealed that Uta isn’t just a regular singer. She is the daughter of the famous Red-Haired Shanks. As per, he is the very same character who inspired Luffy to become a pirate. This particular information was actually unveiled a couple of months ahead of the release of the movie. Moreover, this One Piece plot twist also raised questions about the role of Shanks and his authority in the movie.

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

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Talking about Shanks’ role in the movie, Simizu mentioned, “Shanks, as you mentioned, is a very mysterious character, I would say. Since the beginning, he’s made his appearance in the manga, but there hasn’t been too much development. I would say, even from where we stand, on the Toei Animation side, we don’t fully understand him as a character.”

“In this movie, of course, he’s going to be making some significant appearances,” he continued.

Will Luffy And Shanks Interact In One Piece Film: Red?

However, the producer didn’t elaborate on whether Luffy would indulge in any interactions with Shanks within the movie.

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“One thing I can say is we expect, as fans, that Luffy and Shanks, at some point, encounter each other in the manga. But whether that’s going to happen in the movie remains to be seen,” he teased about Luffy’s role in the movie. While discussing about Shanks, questions were also raised about Uta’s character. Given her lofty goals, as seen in the trailer, she might be Shanks’ target. Shimizu was also asked if there were challenges in making Uta so closely related to Shanks.

He mentioned, “What I can say is that Uta was designed very heavily by Oda-san (Eiichiro Oda) himself, who is officially on staff as the film’s General Producer. Oda-San personally oversaw and played a major role in her design.”

How Does Uta Inspire The Audience With Her Music?

Shimizu also chimed in on Uta’s character and her relationship with music. He said, “There are going to be seven different tracks that Uta will be singing in this film. These seven different emotional journeys that she goes through will draw the audience in. And that’s when fans will be able to resonate with her. Uta’s diaries are available online, and she talks about her emotions as she writes each song.”

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“As we experience this—and Oda thought of this himself—as we experience this, the characters of Red are also experiencing this,” explained the movie producer.

Talking about the final arc of One Piece, he explained Oda’s mindset as he stated, “Oda is getting the fireworks ready, and I think he’s really poured his heart into this one.”

With so much to look forward to, One Piece Film: Red is no doubt a treat to watch for fans. While it’s already available for fans in Japan, the movie will be available in North America by fall 2022.

Are you excited for One Piece Film: Red‘s release in North America? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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