Lifetime’s ‘Sister With A Secret’ Has Shocking Reveal!

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In Lifetime’s latest thriller, Sister With A Secret, a family must uncover some horrific truths in order to find their kidnapped family member.

Sister With A Secret stars Taylor Foster (Criminal Minds, The Final Rose), Austin Fryberger (Fuller House, Huge In France), Marc Anthony Samuel (General Hospital, Love Accidentally), Tiana Bratten (Ghost Note, Miss Juneteenth), and Kelly Sullivan (General Hospital, Romeo And Juliet Killers).

Isak Borg (Algorithm: BLISS, Ascent To Hell), and Dena Hysell-Cornejo (Mirror, The Paladins) wrote the script, with Ben Meyerson (My Escort Best Friend, Deadly Girls Night Out) is the director.

What Is Lifetime’s Sister With A Secret About?

According to the IMDb synopsis, teenager Tara Miller (Foster) goes missing and now her family is frantically trying to solve this crime. Who is the kidnapper and why was she targeted?

A police investigation is started, and soon they find more evidence. Yet, what they believed to be true is far from it.

They find some dirty secrets that Tara was keeping from everyone. However, as disturbing as this information is, it will lead to who the kidnapper is. But, could something horrific happen to the teen before they put it all together?

There is a shocking reveal that viewers will not expect!


When Can You Watch Sister With A Secret?

Sister With A Secret premieres on Sunday, August 14, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Is Lifetime’s Sister With A Secret Based On A True Story?

Although Lifetime airs many Ripped From The Headlines movies, this is not one of them.

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s The Bad Seed

After postponing the Memorial Day release, Lifetime has now rescheduled The Bad Seed. This premiere is now on Monday, September 5, at 8 p.m., Eastern. 

This movie stars Mckenna Grace (Young SheldonThe Handmaid’s Tale), who also wrote the story. It was Grace, who was from Texas, who asked for the movie premiere to be postponed after the shooting in Uvalde. 

“I don’t feel comfortable promoting this film this week and we don’t think Monday is the right time to release it. I was in 1st grade when Sandy Hook happened…and it feels like not much has changed since then. I remember my parents teaching me emergency action plans for going to church or the movies.”

This story centers around Emma (Grace), who killed her father (Rob Lowe) in the first movie. She has now moved to her Aunt Angela’s (Michelle Morgan (HeartlandA New Year’s Resolution) home.

However, her uncle Benjamin Ayres (Color My World With LoveSaving Hope) has grown suspicious of her. He thinks she needs to be shipped off to a boarding school. Soon, he is out of the picture. 

Now, she is dealing with being a teenage high school student. However, someone steps up and seems to know a lot about Emma’s past.

Emma makes sure she is one step away from anyone who tries to stop her.

This also stars Patty McCormack (The MasterAlways Amore), and Ella Dixon (Two Sentence Horror Stories).


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