Kendra Duggar Appears In Rare Photo Amid Secret Baby Rumors

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Former Counting On star Kendra Duggar has finally made a rare appearance! The wife of Joseph Duggar has been silent online for months and hasn’t made many appearances in her family’s photos recently either. Keep reading to get all of the details and see the latest photo of her.

Rumors swirl about Joseph & Kendra Duggar’s ‘secret baby.’

Recently, rumors have been circulating that Joseph and Kendra welcomed their fourth baby to the world. However, they never announced a pregnancy or birth. So, for now, it’s all speculation.

One fan claimed to have spotted several of the Duggars out to eat at a restaurant. Joseph and Kendra Duggar appeared to be in the photo, along with their three kids. An infant in a carseat was also there and fans assumed that it was their baby.

Counting On: Joe and Kendra Duggar
Counting On: Joe and Kendra Duggar

Amid all of these rumors, Joseph and Kendra have been silent on social media. So, fans aren’t sure what’s going on with their family at the moment.

Kendra makes a rare appearance.

On Saturday, Esther Keyes Bates (the wife of Nathan Bates) shared a couple of new photos on her Instagram Stories. These photos are from Abbie Duggar’s baby shower. Surprisingly, Kendra Duggar is pictured in one of the photos. Since she’s been silent on social media for a while now, fans haven’t seen many pictures of her.

You can check out the photos below. Kendra can be seen in the second snap.

Esther Bates Instagram, Abbie Duggar, Lauren Duggar, Kendra Duggar

From left to right, the group photo features Katey (Jedidiah’s wife), Joy-Anna Forsyth, Abbie (John-David’s wife), Esther Bates, Kendra, Lauren (Josiah’s wife), and Jana.

Lauren being pictured was also a surprise because she’s been off social media for over a year now and recently made her Instagram account private.

Esther Bates Instagram, Lauren Duggar, Kendra Duggar

Though this isn’t an update all about Kendra, it looks like she’s doing well. The photo doesn’t answer any questions about whether she had a baby, however.

It’s unclear if and when Kendra Duggar will ever return to social media. Some fans think that she might be following in Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s footsteps and staying off of social media long-term. For now, fans can enjoy the new photo of Kendra with her loved ones at Abbie’s baby shower.

So, what do you think of this new photo of Kendra Duggar with her sisters, sisters-in-law, and friend? Do you believe the “secret baby” rumors? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates.

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