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Janelle Brown’s Boys Take Control, Mama Not Needed Anymore?

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Janelle Brown has stepped up and become a fierce mama bear. This was utterly apparent during the pandemic when her husband Kody enforced strict rules. He made it very uncomfortable for their three kids still at home. Yet Janelle would not back down and stood up for her babies, no matter their age. Now it seems they may be too old to need their mom. Read on to find out what transpired to make Janelle feel obsolete.

Janelle Brown Eases Into Motherhood

When Sister Wives viewers first met the Brown family, Janelle was not necessarily the maternal one. She was known as the one who went to work full-time. From morning until night, she was in the office and she admitted she preferred it that way. Though she loved her six children, it made her happy to have sister wives. Third wife, Christine was the one who took control of raising their children and looked at all of them as her own. This gave Janelle a sense of security when she was out and about.

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When the plural family left Utah for Vegas, Janelle started a new career in real estate but eventually started to focus on wellness. That was when she began Strive with Janelle. Eventually, she got into the MLM game along with her daughter Maddie and sister wife, Christine. This helped when they moved again, this time to Flagstaff. She was able to be at home with her kids and it was vital when the pandemic hit. Her sons Gabe and Garrison were living at home along with her youngest daughter, Savanah.

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Janelle’s husband, Kody was adamant that everyone follows his pandemic protocols and he wanted Janelle to throw her sons out of the house. Garrison was working and saving for a down payment on a home. As for Gabe, he was in college and had a girlfriend but Kody felt the two were just too social and felt they were dangerous. Janelle put her foot down. She knew that Garrison never asked for anything so this was the least she could do. Fans loved how assertive she was and how much her kids stood by her side.

Independent Children

Yes, Janelle Brown’s kids have always stuck by their mother. However, they have begun to spread their wings. Garrison was able to buy his own home and Savanah got her license. She is starting to feel the pangs of being an empty nester. Then, she shared a post on her Instagram that solidified her children really have grown up. Gabe had hit something while he was driving and needed help with his tire. Janelle was on her way to assist but when she got there, Garrison was already on the job.

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Garrison, Gabe

“It does a mama’s heart good to know she raised boys willing to help out – even each other,” she started out the post. She noted that it was raining and she did come to help. However, she ended up cheering the boys on and ultimately was not really even needed. This just goes to show what amazing children she has raised who will go the extra mile to help one another.

See how their family dynamic continues to shift when Sister Wives returns to TLC on September 11.


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