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‘Black Summoner’ Adds A Demon Princess To Kelvin’s Party

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Fantasy anime manga, Black Summoner, written by Doufu Mayoi, was first serialized by Comic Gardo on January 11, 2018, with more than 13 volumes to date. The manga was later adapted as an anime TV series written and directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike, which premiered on July 9, 2022, in Tokyo MX. It is also available on Crunchyroll now.

Starring the powerful summoner who goes by the name Kelvin, the series establishes him as a warm-hearted yet power-packed isekai character. He always gets his way and has leveled up rapidly in just 5 episodes. However, his party members are entirely different. As per, the thing that makes this anime-manga adaptation a fun series to watch is not just Kelvin but also his crew.

Black Summoner’s Kelvin Adds Demon Princess Sera To His Party

In his journey, he recruits some of the most cheerful and unique individuals. This includes the blue slime named Clotho, the pompous knight Gerard, and the charming elf girl Efil. In Black Summoner Episode 5, Kelvin adds another new member to his party named Sera.

Black Summoner YouTube

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The new character brings a refreshing view of the world for the viewers as well as the team. She is a breath of fresh air much needed to keep up the spark of the show.

Black Summoner Episode 5 provides details of Kelvin’s continued journey and his battle against Victor, the mighty demon warrior. Both opponents go all out during the battle until Kelvin’s party ultimately gains the upper hand and defeats Victor. As Victor is slowly dying on the floor, his true motivations are revealed. He lets Kelvin know that he wishes to protect Sera, the demon king’s only daughter. He also wanted that she should be the next demon king/queen to ensure a peaceful world where no one opposes her.

Sera Grapples With Black Summoner‘s New World Order

Several heartwarming flashbacks also support Victor’s words, showing him and the younger Sera training together. He acted as her caring mentor and guardian throughout her life. This shows that Victor clearly has ethical intentions, and this is when Kelvin promises him that he will free Sera of her binding curse & take her under her wing. Content with this assurance, Victor perishes—and at the same moment, Sera is freed from her curse.

Black Summoner YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Despite being born as a demon princess, she isn’t an arrogant one. Moreover, she is also minimally confident about herself. After mourning Victor and her father’s deaths, she gladly joins Kelvin’s team as another summoned individual.

Sera Sets On A New Adventure Bringing A Fresh Perspective

However, Sera is completely ignorant of the world outside her realm and the ways of the world beyond. Moreover, no one accepts her the way she is. This means the new character in Black Summoner has everything to fear from the new world she has entered after Victor’s death. But, she is determined to explore the new realm and brave through all the odds with Kelvin by her side.

Black Summoner YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As Black Summoner explores the world, it will bring a fresh look from Sera’s perspective. With Season 1 Episode 7 slated to air on August 20, 2022, fans will get to see Sera’s adventures as she gets accustomed to the ways of the world.

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