’90 Day Fiance’: 2 Pregnancies Announced At Tell-All, Who?

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Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance was definitely not a fan favorite. The cast was hard to warm up to and some viewers felt none of the couples should stay together. Yet, they did and now it is time for part one of the tell-all. The season ended with one confirmed pregnancy. Emily and Kobe found out that they were expecting prior to their wedding. Now, there are two more babies on the way but who are the lucky parents-to-be? Read on to find out.

A 90 Day Fiance First

All of the couples have united to share where they stand now that the season is over. Kobe and Emily have welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Scarlet. Then, host Shaun Robinson shared that two of the couples were pregnant on the stage. She added that this has never happened in the history of the series. Prior to this airing, TV Shows Ace had reported that Emily and Kobe were pregnant and had brought their daughter to the tell-all. That proved to be true. We also said that sources confirmed that Kara and Guillermo were expecting their first child, as well. This has also proven to be true.

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Guillermo, Kara

The duo, who met while Kara was working in the Dominican Republic, are due in November. As of the tell-all, they were officially sixteen weeks along. This was a big deal for Kara as she was known as a party girl but meeting Guillermo at a restaurant changed it all. He was a little younger than her but they just clicked. She was lucky enough to be able to go back and work in the DR so they could see what living together would be like. Now, they are married and expecting but who is the second couple?

Baby #2?

Shaun said that there were two 90 Day Fiance couples who were expecting on the stage. Someone joked that Kobe and Emily were the ones but they immediately shut that down. The second couple expecting was actually Thais and Patrick Mendes. They have since relocated to Las Vegas though no one is any closer to figuring out what he does. As for how far along they are, they too are sixteen weeks. It became a cute joke between them and Kara and Guillermo. Did they coordinate the pregnancies?

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Thais, Patrick

As for Kara and Guillermo, they are waiting to find out the gender of their firstborn, according to TLC. However, Patrick and Thais will be adding a little girl to their brood. This is a big deal, again, as this has never happened in the history of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. As for what is next for the couples, that is anybody’s guess.

Does this pregnancy news shock you? Let us know and watch the tell-all Sundays on TLC.


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