'Today' Hoda Kotb Speaks Loudly With Instagram Post

‘Today’ Hoda Kotb Speaks Loudly With Instagram Post


Today host Hoda Kotb clapped back loudly at the feud rumors. For months, reports suggest that she doesn’t get along with her co-host Savannah Guthrie. Even fans can sense the tension between the two. It’s gotten so out of control that fans are calling for the two to be fired.

Hoda fought back at the non-stop rumors with an Instagram post. She wanted to shut them down once and for all. Hoda took to the social media app to post a new photo “Just Because.” Read on to see Hoda’s latest Instagram post and to see what the fans have to say about it.

Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb Feud Rumors [Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]

Hoda Kotb speaks loudly with her actions

She seemingly responded to the rumors that she doesn’t get along with Savannah. The longtime Today Show host has got fans buzzing about her latest Instagram post. On Saturday, August 13, Hoda Kotb shut down the constant rumors with a photo of herself hugging Savannah tightly, which you can view here. The two are seen embracing during an emotional moment on the talk show.

Savannah’s back is turned to the camera. She’s seen hugging Hoda, who has a big smile on her face. It looks like a loving and tender moment between the two. Hoda thought it was the perfect response to the rumors.

Hoda Kotb Fires Back At Feud Rumors [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
“Just because– and thank you!!! It was absolutely perfect!! Xoxoox” Hoda Kotba wrote in the caption of the post.

Today fans took to the comment section. Most of them were happy to see the two ladies get along. They thought it was a beautiful photo.

  • “Sick of the rumors.”
  • “So happy to see this.”
  • “The most beautiful friendship!!”

However, other fans thought this post meant that Hoda Kotb was leaving the show. There hasn’t been any confirmation that she’s stepping away from the morning show. One user wrote, “Prayers Hoda is not leaving,” while another added, “Are you leaving??”

Is the Today co-host acting phony?

There were also fans who are not convinced with Hoda Kotb’s Instagram post. They still think the two are feuding since the tension is so thick that you could cut the air with a knife. Some of them took to the comment section to call out the “phony” photo.

The same thing happened when Savannah posted a loving tribute for Hoda Kotb’s 58th birthday. Savannah shared four photos of the co-anchors on the set of the Today Show. The co-host even included the one that Hoda posted on Instagram today.

Today Hosts Accused Of Being Fake? [Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
“She is our sunshine. Happy birthday, @hodakotb!!!” Savannah wrote in her post, which you can view here.

Some fans took to the comment section to call her out. They claim the two are phony amid the reports that they aren’t fond of one another behind the scenes. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “I hope you mean it! Be real get real.”
  • “She’s one class act! Beautiful in & out. Doesn’t have to try hard. Take notes Savannah!”
  • “Hoping this is legit.”
  • “This is a joke right? They don’t even work together anymore…if one is there the other isn’t…hmmm.”
  • “Savannah, you need to be nicer.”

What are your thoughts on Hoda Kotb’s Instagram post? Do you believe that she gets along with Savannah? Or, do you believe the feud rumors? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Why are people making this such a big deal? I think they are both wonderful and would miss either of them if they left the show! They are not feuding!! Get on with your lives!

  2. To my favorite morning show, ladies, time to put your big girl panties on & get back to work. I like you bot, stop acting like children. Where’s the powers that be, step up & do your job. Of course all this if the rumors are true of course, IMHO.

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