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‘One Piece’ Final Arc: Who Is Luffy’s Ultimate Contender?

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After 25 years of topping the charts as a popular manga, One Piece has finally entered its final arc. Fan theories and speculations are now at an all-time high. One question has been ailing fans for a long time. As Luffy moves ahead in his quest to access the titular One Piece treasure, who will he have to fight to reach his ultimate goal? Simply put, who will be Luffy’s ultimate opponent?

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Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece explores the nautical adventures of Luffy, who is a pirate in his quest to become the ultimate king of pirates. However, he is faced with several hassles, including a trail of fearsome pirates who share a similar goal.

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The final saga has already started, and just like every One Piece arc, fans expect it to end with a spectacular battle. So, who will Luffy battle in the final arc?

Will Blackbeard Fight Against Luffy In One Piece Final Arc?

As per, the first contender on this list is Blackbeard. When Blackbeard murdered his fellow crewmate Thatch, it led to a series of events that directly caused the death of Luffy’s brother, Ace. The notorious pirate murdered Thatch as he possessed the Yami-Yami no Mi. It is a devil fruit that allows its user complete control over darkness. This is something Blackbeard has always sought.

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With the latest revelation that Luffy has access to a fruit that has the abilities of a sun god, Blackbeard might try to acquire it through a battle. This makes him a potential match in the plausible future.

Luffy Might Seek His Brother’s Revenge From Admiral Akainu

Although it was Blackbeard that started the incidents that caused Ace’s death, he was actually killed by Admiral Akainu. Ace’s execution served as the catalyst for the events that led to the Summit War. This is where Ace’s crew named the Whiteboard Pirates besieged the Marineford Marine Headquarters to rescue him.

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During the battle, Akainu provoked Ace into a one-on-one fight, after which he killed the latter. So, Luffy definitely wishes to settle this score with Akainu. With this probable cause in mind, it is possible that Akainu will surely be a potential opponent to fight with Luffy in the final arc.

Will Buggy Indulge In A Final Combat Against Luffy?

Another possible character with the potential to fight against Luffy is Buggy the Clown. He is actually one of the first enemies the central character fought in the One Piece saga. While Luffy is courageous, strong, and simple-minded, Buggy is cowardly, weak, and devious. Similarly, Luffy has fought his way to success through harrowing situations. On the other hand, Buggy is the perfect example of someone who falls upward.

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Although unintentional, Luffy’s actions in the past have caused the rise of Buggy to power. So, it is a possible theory that Buggy might try to challenge Luffy in the final arc.

Who do you think will be Luffy’s final opponent in One Piece? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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