Martha Stewart Opens Up On Pete Davidson Dating Rumors

Martha Stewart, Pete Davidson | YouTube

Does Pete Davidson have a new woman? Rumors have been flying saying that Martha Stewart and Pete Davidson are a new hot item after his split from fashion icon, Kim Kardashian. Lucky for spectating fans, Martha is actually speaking out on those rumors.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian split

Last week, it was revealed that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have ended their 9-month relationship. Of course, since then, there has been drama – especially on Kim’s side. Kanye West took it upon himself to break his Instagram silence to announce that “Skete” was dead at age 28. Skete is, of course, Kanye’s favorite nickname for Pete Davidson.

However, the stories and drama aren’t only coming from Kim’s side of the relationship. Now, Pete is involved too. Fans have started saying that Pete is dating 81-year-old Martha Stewart The Sun reports.

Apparently, all of this started when a photo was released of Martha and Pete at the White House Correspondents Association dinner. Apparently, in the photo, Martha is holding hands tightly with the comedian. This started sparking several rumors that they are together romantically.

Of course, fans took this as a chance to start talking about their dating The Sun says.

  • “We should’ve seen this coming.”
  • “He securing that retiring fund!”
  • “He is making s**t happen”

It seems that if this relationship were real, Pete would actually have several adoring fans in his corner. One even says that Martha would be better than his former girlfriend, Kim.

“Martha would be a serious upgrade.”

Pete Davidson | YouTube
Pete Davidson | YouTube

Martha Stewart speaks up

Of course, Martha isn’t letting this go without speaking up about the situation. Unfortunately, it seems that romance will not be an option for Martha and Pete. In fact, she says that Pete is actually more like a son to her.

“Pete Davidson is like the son I never had,” she says.

“He is a charming boy who is finding his way.”

However, Martha and Pete fans need not worry. Apparently, she’s inviting Pete to come be on her podcast. So, they will be together once again!

Pete Davidson | YouTube
Pete Davidson | YouTube

“I’ve invited him to come on my podcast and I look forward to hearing what he has to say.”

Who do you think Pete will date next? Will he ever get back with Kim Kardashian? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Kardashian and Jenner dating scandals!

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