Love Island USA: Islanders Who Were Kicked Off The Show [Peacock | YouTube]

‘Love Island USA’: Islanders Who Were Kicked Off The Show

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The latest episode of Love Island USA was packed with the fallout of the shocking recoupling. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans were concerned for Deb Chubb, who took an interest in Kyle Fraser during Casa Amor. She was originally coupled up with Jesse Bray, but she had her doubts about him.

Deb realized that Jesse wasn’t giving her the attention she wanted. She felt that PDA was a missing factor in their relationship. It’s like they became comfortable within three weeks of being in the villa. Deb liked Kyle, who the total opposite of Jesse.

He made it clear that he was there to be with Deb. He wasn’t interested in anyone else. The two found that they had a lot in common. However, on the latest episode of Love Island USA, Kyle left the villa. Read on to see why and to see who else has been kicked off the show.

Love Island USA: Casa Amor [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]

Noah Purvis was kicked off Love Island USA

Noah Purvis spoke out about being removed from Love Island USA. Some fans of the dating series recognized him from his adult videos. The star told E! News that he was “eliminated” from the show’s producers because of his controversial past.

“They decided to pull me because they found out that I had been in pornography in the past,” Noah told E! News.

Love Island USA Noah Purvis [Love Island USA | YouTube]
[Love Island USA | YouTube]
They told him that they “were going to do a normal interview with me.” That’s when the Love Island USA producers informed him that he was “going to be eliminated from Love Island.” Noah was “shocked” when found out.

He insisted that he was just being himself during his time there. However, he admitted that he failed to bring up his adult entertainment past. The producers realized that he went by another alias. The Missouri native “felt crushed” by what happened.

Leslie Golden removed for an innocent reason

Leslie Golden of Love Island USA Season 3 was removed from the villa for an innocent reason. She entered the show during Casa Amor. The model from Red Water, Texas was chosen by Koren Gandy to remain in the villa. Then she was promptly removed from the show.

Leslie took to social media to reveal the reason why. Love Island USA producers said she left the show for “personal reasons.” However, she explained that she brought a vape pen that had something that was “a little illegal.” Leslie admitted that she was removed from Love Island USA Season 3 for having a dab pen that contained weed.

Leslie Golden Removed From Love Island USA [Leslie Golden | Instagram Stories]
[Leslie Golden | Instagram Stories]
In 2021, the series was filmed in Hawaii, where recreational marijuana is still illegal. Leslie didn’t think it was a big deal though. Some Love Island USA fans argued that she shouldn’t have been removed for that reason. Yet, it didn’t take long for producers to erase her from the show.

Did Kyle Fraser leave Love Island USA for “personal reasons”?

On the Friday, August 12 episode, voiceover Iain Stirling revealed that Kyle Fraser left the villa for “personal reasons.” The moment happens in the middle of the night and takes place within 35 minutes of the episode. Fans are happy that the producers listened to their concerns. However, it took them longer to remove Kyle from the show than it did with Noah and Leslie.

Love Island USA fans knew about his “personal reasons” for several days. It was because of allegations that went viral on Twitter and Instagram. He allegedly assaulted women in the past and has been called a “predator.” The “personal reasons” was that producers found out the allegations about the cast member.

What are your thoughts on Kyle leaving the villa? Do you agree it was a long time coming? Do you remember the other cast members from Love Island USA? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Love Island USA stream Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.

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