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‘Life After Lockup’: Who Is Lindsey Downs’ Friend Blaine?

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Lindsey Downs is back on Life After Lockup. This time, she has hooked up with Daonte though they hadn’t met in person until the latest episode. She has been actively staying with her good friend, Blaine and he has been helping her with everything. They seem incredibly close and he is trying to keep her on the best path. Yet who is he exactly and what does his past entail?

Lindsey Downs’ Life After Lockup Past

Fans may remember Lindsey from when she was dating Scott Bradshaw. This was a bad match as there was absolutely no trust between the two. They both went through each other’s stuff which she claimed was a violation. Then, she felt extremely betrayed upon learning he had lied. Scott claimed he bought the two a home but Lindsey came to find out that it was actually a rental. Furthermore, she discovered photos of another woman on one of his phones. Therefore, the cheating allegations started and it continued to head downhill.

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Daonte, Lindsey

It got even worse when she carved profanities into his desk and he got her arrested. Luckily, she found new love with another Life After Lockup cast member, Daonte. He had fallen for an inmate, Nicolle who he showered with gifts and a lot of attention. Then, she decided she wanted to be with her ex-girlfriend, Tia. Even after she said she was getting married to Tia, he was still hung up on Nicolle. So much so that he showed up at her wedding but it was over. Eventually, he connected with Lindsey while she was in prison and waited for her to get out.

Blaine To The Rescue

Upon Lindsey’s release, her good friend, Blaine Bailey was right there to get her. The two had “worked” together in the past but had never crossed the line into intimacy. He was helping her find employment but she was super focused on bailing a friend out of jail. Blaine reminded her that she had a child, Miley, and a future to think about. He was clearly a voice of reason and his presence definitely intimidated Daonte upon arriving to meet Lindsey. So, what is the backstory behind Blaine?

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According to Starcasm, he had been arrested in 2020 for falling asleep on the sidewalk. That is not all though as he was in possession of meth and hydrocodone. Furthermore, it was discovered that Blaine had an existing bench warrant and has had issues dating back to 2016. As it appears, he is still on parole/probation yet he must be doing quite well. If he was not, there is no way Lindsey would have been able to stay with him.

What are your thoughts on Blaine? Do you think Lindsey is better off with him? Let us know in the comments and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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