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Fans Terrified At Kim Kardashians New NFL Dating Prospect

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson just broke up which means it’s time to move on. However, it seems that some people aren’t so sure about Kim’s latest rumored boy. In fact, NFL fans are begging Kim Kardashian to stay away. Keep reading to find out who fans DON’T want Kim Kardashian to date.

Kim Kardashian urged to stay away from Bengals player

Most Kardashian fans have likely heard of something called the Kardashian Curse. Basically, this curse means that whenever someone dates a Kardashian their lives and careers are flushed down the toilet, and usually, something not so great happens to them. The curse tends to feast on athletes and musicians that the sisters date.

According to The Sun, a Cincinnati Bengals player, Chris Evans, has made it onto a list of possible matches for Kim Kardashian and fans are freaking out. It seems they do not want to risk the curse hitting their favorite team.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube
  • “Don’t you dare attempt to drag the Kardashian curse to the Bengals.”
  • “We don’t need the Kardashian curse around the Bengals, bro. Sit this one out for us.”
  • “Cincy don’t need the Kardashian curse,”
  •  “As a fan keep that Kardashian Curse away…”

Hopefully, Kim takes this as a warning to stay away from this Bengals player. Honestly, she should probably just stay away from athletes altogether. That is if she ever dates again!

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

What about Pete?

Of course, Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one who went through a breakup and is looking to move on. Her ex, Pete Davidson, is probably looking to move on as well. While he hasn’t said anything about a new girl, fans thought they were on to something after they saw Pete and 81-year-old Martha Stewart holding hands at a White House dinner.

  • “We should’ve seen this coming.”
  • “He securing that retiring fund!”
  • “He is making s**t happen”

However, sadly for Pete and Martha fans, this relationship will never turn romantic. In fact, Martha actually spoke up on the whole thing stating that Pete is more like a son she never had.

“Pete Davidson is like the son I never had,” she says. “He is a charming boy who is finding his way.”

So, it looks like Pete hasn’t found the perfect lady to walk into the sunset with just yet. However, not to worry! Martha says she is going to ask Pete on her podcast!

“I’ve invited him to come on my podcast and I look forward to hearing what he has to say.”

Do you think the Kardashian curse is real? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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